Milly told me she’s made one before, but I’d never seen her make a PB&J, so I thought it would be fun to document it.  (Peanut Butter Jelly Time is by The Buckwheat Boyz.)

I really enjoyed today.  It was the first time in a long time that I had Milly on a working day from wake up time to bedtime.  I think I juggled things pretty well.  The great thing is that the feeling I’ve had lately where Milly is more of a visitor in my life was washed away somewhat today.  Of course, I guess that will make the beginning of the school year tougher on me.

We started the day off making a list of things we can do sometimes during the summer and a list of things we can or should do every day

One of those was to exercise, so we did some of that.  Jumping jacks, stretches, sit-ups, pushups (working hard on her form with this one).  I got a good bit of work done but I was also able to play with her a good bit.

Kids eat free at Carolina Ale House on Tuesdays, so Tristen treated us to dinner there tonight.  Milly was given a few options, but the conversation went like this:

“Tonight there’s free food at Moe’s, which is like tacos and stuff, and at Carolina Ale House. Do you remember Ale House?”

“I love that place.”

“So do you wanna–”

“Ale House!”

So Ale House it was.  We went to the Fuzzy Peach for dessert.

When we got home Milly got ready for bed and made an entry in a diary that nobody is allowed to look at.  Since she asked me how to spell “ate” I’m guessing it had something to do with where we ate.

After that I read some Harry Potter to her.  We started it on Saturday night, but she fell asleep about halfway through the first chapter.  Last night we continued watching Star Wars Episode IV (her request) so we continued it tonight, reading through two and a half chapters.  She could have gone longer, but it was 9:30 by that time, so I had to put her to bed.

The coolest thing is that Milly asked if she could read some of it to start off.  She read most of a full page, which really impressed me.  It included words that she got through with no problem such as Dumbledore and Muggle.  McGonagall and irritably she had a little more trouble with.  Milly would ask questions about things she wasn’t clear on and we reviewed what happened after every chapter just to make sure she was getting what was going on.  Mrs. Beasley told me that Milly was a great reader and said we should focus on comprehension, which I guess is one of the next big steps to take in reading.  I’ve got to say though, my girl impresses me.

Tristen fell asleep shortly after I took over reading for Milly.  Early night for her.  I’ve been catching up on this site a little tonight, which, as always, I’ve been meaning to do.