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The inspiration for this video was a wedding website I’m putting together.  I wanted to make it nice and fancy and open it with a video about the couple (me and Tristen).  Originally I was going to make it all about “us”.   Finding, however, that I’m sorely lacking in video clips of myself, I realized as I was working on it that it was turning out to be more of a tribute or a “love letter” to the woman I love.  I think the song (Come to Me by the Goo Goo Dolls) and the footage, taken by and large from my perspective, combine to do a fantastic job of showing you this awesome, amazing and beautiful woman through my eyes.  I hope you get a sense of the love I feel for her when you watch it.

Many important people in our lives make appearances: Milly (Tristen’s soon-to-be-step-daughter!); her sister Torrie and my future nephew Sebastian (and if you look real close you’ll see Johnny too); Erin, Adam, Andra, Josh, Jackson and Addy (a big chunk of my family); our friends Sam, Jenna and Lisa (with a background appearance by Will); and her mom, Laura (with apologies to Craig for not having any footage of you and your daughter).

There is footage from every trip we’ve taken.  It opens and closes with a clip from our trip to Washington, DC and includes Baltimore, Cozumel, Indianapolis, Carrboro, Wrightsville Beach, Oak Island and Rougemont.  And of course a lot of it is right here in Wilmington.  Events span vacations, a trip to the Cape Fear Fair, a birthday party, an Old 97’s concert, the Duke-Wisconsin national championship game (thanks again, Dad and Uncle Tom!), the time I asked her to be my girlfriend and when we got engaged.

I’m not gonna lie: I think I did a pretty damn good job in making this tribute.  I hope that when you watch it you come away understanding a little better, if you don’t already, the love we share.

Hey, LOML.  I more than love you.  Words.