Just about every time I talk to Milly on the phone at the end of the day, I ask her how her day was and if she did anything fun or what happened that day.  I asked her this evening if anything crazy happened today.  Without missing a beat, this is what she told me.

“Fairies flew all around the classroom.  And cars got on the roof of [the school].  And Harvey sat on Mrs. Stevens’s head.”

She went on to explain a little.  The cars made a road that went to the top of the school then drove up there.  Harvey, her lovable and goofy-looking dog, sat on her teacher’s head because he’s cray.  And the fairies were sugarplum fairies, although that didn’t answer the question I had for her, which was “Where did the fairies come from?”

I love my kid.  She’s so funny and clever.