I picked Milly up from Amanda’s on Friday and took her to school.  I was doing WatchDOGS and spent most of the day at her school, which I always enjoy.  I kept running into Kenzie, who lives across the street from Milly.

Torrie came over while I was gone and decorated the house.  Milly and I had gone out to do some birthday shopping.

Were going to do it on Saturday, but Drew was planning a surprise engagement so I moved the birthday party up a day to Friday.

Friends came over: Torrie and Johnny, Jenna and Drew, Sam and Berk, Paul and Shahena, Joey and Petya.  Mostly hung out by the fire.

Milly was going to be there, but she had gone to Penelope’s birthday party and decided she wanted to spend the night there.  She wasn’t going to do that originally because I needed her to be able to stay the night on Saturday and didn’t want her gone both nights, but I also didn’t want to say she couldn’t spend the night with friends when there wouldn’t be any kids around here.

On Saturday before the engagement party we went to Airlie Gardens to see the Christmas lights there.  It was me, Milly and Tristen along with Brittany, Zoey, Penelope and Adeline.  Brittany was watching the girls for Matt and Milly stayed with all of them.