One of the first things I saw on Facebook this morning was some very sad news that a client I’ve worked with for many years, over a decade, I think, passed away from cancer.
I can’t claim to have known Eric or to have been as close to him as many of the other people whose condolences I’ve been reading this morning, but even though I was introduced to him through work I feel like I got to know him decently well. He was always one of my favorite people to work with and was just a really, really great guy. Anytime we talked, even if it was just for business purposes, he’d ask about my life. We’d always take the time to chat and catch up.
My favorite memory with Eric was when we bumped into each other at the Fair. It was my daughter’s first time there and Eric danced with her. (In case anyone would like to see how much joy he had in doing that, it’s at the 4:30 mark on this video: I hope nobody minds me sharing it.) Ever since that time, if I thought of Eric that’s the image I had in my mind of him.
When I first heard Eric had such an aggressive cancer, it hit me pretty hard. It just wasn’t fair that such a wonderful person had to go through something like that. While I am glad that Eric is no longer suffering, I am sad for his family and friends and everyone who knew him at least a little, because we all know that the world has lost someone truly special.