Had an ultrasound today and the kids are doing great. Baby B was moving around a lot. I couldn’t believe how much bigger they’d gotten in just two weeks. Last time we saw them they had little nubs and were on opposite ends of the room with plenty of space between them. Now they’re already bumping up against each other with hardly any space left. Guess that means there’s only one way for them to grow from here, and that’s OUT!

I thought Tristen’s belly was looking maybe a little larger last night and tonight, but she insists it’s gas and bloat.

At ten weeks, the babies are about the size of kumquats. Or strawberries. Or Lego men. Take your pick. (They’re only supposed to double in size over the next three weeks.) Their vital organs are there and their limbs are limbs now instead of nubs. They’ve even got nails and peach fuzz!

They’ve been kicking Tristen’s butt. She’s been super tired and pretty much constantly nauseous. Hopefully she’ll be through with that in a couple weeks.

Milly went to hang with the Swain kids for a bit, but they were all back over here before too long. They played a bit of hide and seek and some sort of cops and robbers game that I think they at least partially made up. I think Milly said they were basing it off a Roblox game.

We watched Flight of the Navigator last night. I hadn’t seen that movie in probably 30 years and didn’t remember much of it. Max, the alien, was voiced by PeeWee Herman, which isn’t obvious at first, but becomes much more so later on. While t was a little funny at first, I preferred it before it scanned the kid’s brain and changed its personality.

The kid himself was named David Scott Something-or-other and had a little brother named Jeff, which is pretty funny because I have cousins named David (whose middle name is Scott) and Jeff (who is the younger one).

Christen is in town this week. She and her sister went to Torrie’s this evening and Tristen went over there to hang out. She was there most of the night.

Milly FaceTimed with Anya (the aforementioned cousin Dave’s daughter). They were on it for about an hour and I think they could have kept going, but I had to get her off to eat dinner.

I have felt like watching Robin Hood Prince of Thieves for a bit, but I found The Adventures of Robin Hood, the one from 1938 starring Errol Flynn. I figured that was more kid-friendly so Milly and I watched it. She said she enjoyed it, but I’ve never heard her say she didn’t like a movie.

At one point she asked me how they took baths back then. I explained it to her then she asked me if they had showers when I was little.

“I’m not that old, Milly!”

“I didn’t know,” she replied. “I thought showers might be a newer thing.”