Twelve weeks in the oven as of today. They’re the size of limes, about two inches head to butt. Can’t believe there are the little people that size squirming around in there!

The first trimester has been a tough one for Tristen. She’s nauseous and drained all the time. Most of her time is spent in the recliner or on the couch. I help out as much as I can, which I’m happy to do. I mean, she’s sitting there growing two humans, the least I can do is fix some food or fill up a cup of Gatorade now and then.

It’s hard to plan for food because there’s no telling what she wants from one day to the next. Meat, by and large, has been off the table. (Well, her table, anyway.) We keep buying the large jugs of Gatorade, which is almost all she’s drinking right now.

Despite the constant nausea, Tristen’s only been sick four times, though she bookended her first day of the second trimester (or is it her last day of the first trimester?) with it.

Anyway, the second trimester is where the feeling bad is supposed to start going away, so we’re hoping for that.

This is also Labor Day Weekend 2017. Last year we went to the mountains with Sam, Berk, Jenna, and Drew. The year before that we took a trip to Washington DC. This year Tristen watched whatever struck her fancy on Sling while I spent all night Friday trying to get caught up on some website work.

Dad was supposed to come visit yesterday. Mom was heading for a trip to Montana with some friends, but she woke up late (at about 3 AM) and was scrambling to get ready. Dad helped her out, but he never got back to sleep, so he was a bit tired to make the two-and-a-half hour drive.

We did join Laura and Craig for some food at Waterman’s yesterday afternoon, so we got out of the house some.

I spent a good bit of time playing Rome 2: Total War. It’s one of those games I just get an itch to play every now and then, and when I do I kind of obsess over it for a bit. I started as Egypt this time and have conquered the Middle East and a good bit of Eastern Europe up through the Balkans. I’ve got a couple armies about to invade Britain just for fun.

We may go to the beach tomorrow. Torrie, Johnny, and Sebastian are going at some point, so we’ll see how Tristen feels.