Cultural Heritage Project: Czechoslovakia

I slept with a damp cloth over my eyes last night. It helped my eyes feel a good bit better, and while there was a good bit of goop and a bit of dried eye gunk, my eyes weren’t sealed shut or anything, which I thought was a decent win.

A while back, Milly was assigned a cultural heritage project where you learn about a country your ancestors came from. Milly chose to do her project on Czechoslovakia, which I thought was super cool. (Though as unique as I thought it would be, she did have another kid in her class whose forebearers hailed from there as well.) As you may know, Czechoslovakia is no longer a country, having divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and while our family came from what is now Slovakia, she basically did it about both countries, which I thought was cool.

Every third grader did the project, and today was the Cultural Heritage Fair, where all the kids were dispersed about the multipurpose room with their poster boards full of information. Parents were invited to come in, walk around, and ask kids questions about their countries.

I may be biased, but I honestly think Milly’s was one of the best ones out of all of the ones I saw.

I was there at the school for about an hour. I chatted with Mr. Holland a bit, as well as Braden’s parents and Bridgette’s mom. I warned all of them that I had an infection in my eye. They all immediately asked, “Pink eye?” Then I lowered my head in shame and muttered, “Yeah…” Even some of the kids I know from Milly’s class asked about it.

I did schedule a doctor’s appointment first thing, though. Actually, I was lying in bed when I did it. I used the website for My Chart and marveled at the wonder of today’s technology, where I could send a message to schedule an appointment without having to talk to anybody before I even rolled out of bed. Amazing stuff.

My normal doctor is Dr. Dawson, but they were trying to get me in for the first available appointment, so I ended up seeing Dr. Craig. He was young and relatable and I enjoyed talking to him. I mentioned the shoulder issue I’ve been having (mostly fine but still not 100%) and he took the time to print off a sheet of exercises I could do to help the healing process. Anyway, he gave me a prescription, but told me to wait until tomorrow and not to bother with it unless my eyes were sealed shut with gunk in the morning.

That night, Tristen and I were planning on watching Love Actually, a Christmas tradition we started a couple years ago when she first introduced me to the flick. I wasn’t feeling great though, as on top of the pink eye I’ve had a bit of a sore throat trying knocking at the door, plus I was tired, plus I intermittently kept putting a damp cloth over my eyes. She glanced around on Netflix and ended up putting on A Christmas Horror Story. It wasn’t great by any means, but it was entertaining. The guy who did the voice of Beast on the X-Men animated series back in the 90’s played Santa Claus.