Amanda texted me last weekend to tell me that Port City Community Church was having a Daddy-Daughter Dance. It would be the following Friday (today), which was a weekend Milly would be with Amanda, but she would be cool with letting me take her to it. I thought that was really cool of her. So when I was taking Milly to school Monday, I asked her if she’d like to go to that. Or maybe I asked when I picked her up from school for being sick early that same day. Either way, I asked and she said yes.

I picked Milly up from school this afternoon and she was already excited about tonight. I told her that even though it’s a daddy-daughter thing, I expected she’d awesome friends there and I wanted to let her know it would be okay if she went off to hang out with them. She told me it’s a daddy-daughter dance, emphasis on the first two words there, and that she’d want to stay and dance with me.

Spoiler alert: That didn’t happen. More on that later.

We got home and Milly told me something that nearly made me cry with happiness. I won’t say what it was, but I know that when I go back and read this, I’ll know what it was, and she might remember, too.

Tristen got home and helped Milly pick out an outfit for herself. I told Milly she could pick out mine. I’ll say when we got there I felt a little underdressed. I like what Milly picked out for me, and I thought it was an appropriate outfit, but other dads had full-on suits and ties. Oh well.

Backing up a sec, a word about Tristen coming home and some stuff going on with the pregnancy and all.

We had three baby doctor appointments this week. Everything is on schedule, the boys are doing well, Mama’s doing well. A long time back we were told that if they didn’t come yet, we’d be looking at a scheduled delivery during the 36th week. That was changed to maybe the 37th week because things were going so well. I wanted the exact day of the 38th wee because that’s my birthday and my dad’s, and how cool would it be to have three generations with the same birthday? March 4 was pretty much out though unless it happened naturally because it would be a Sunday and they don’t schedule deliveries for Sundays.

So then I said if we get to schedule it, let’s aim for February 22. If I can’t have my birthday, 2-22 would be a pretty cool birthday for twins, right?

Well, when we got a call from scheduling, we were told it would be the 20th, which was during the 36th week, so we had a talk with our high-risk doctor yesterday about it. She’s planning to revisit the whole deal and discuss it on Monday.

All of that is to say that today was Tristen’s last day of work before going on maternity leave.

Milly and I ate a fancy meal of hot dogs (we’re pretty broke right now until a couple checks come in; otherwise I’d have liked to take her to a nice fancy dinner) then headed out to Port City Community Church.

I already mentioned that other dads were more dressed up than I was, but that wasn’t an absolute. I saw other dads as dressed up as I was, with a button-up shirt and some nice pants. We checked my coat then headed into the auditorium, which felt and sounded like a club, then headed to the snack table. Milly impressed me with how little she got, telling me she’s trying to be better about what she eats.

Almost immediately after leaving the snack table we ran into Greg, Callie, and Brynn. Milly and Callie have been besties since pretty much forever, and just like that, she forgot her “I’m only hanging out with you pledge” she’d made to me earlier. That’s not entirely true, of course. She kept coming back to me and we danced a good bit.

Greg and I talked a bit. I also ran into Mike and Lauren, Kyle and Layla, Kevin and Maggie, and Matt with Penelope and Adeline. Milly had a couple little groups she ran around with throughout the night. It was fun seeing her be so comfortable being such a social butterfly. We danced together, we danced in groups, we waltzed… we had a good time.

At one point the music stopped and we were encouraged to ask our daughter what we could pray for on their behalf. It could be anything, from something trvial to something big. Milly started her usual litany of prayer requests by naming her family and pets. I told her that was nice and all, but this was about her, what concerns she had. She told me her concern was that she would be a good big sister to her impending brothers.

We got to the dance right at the beginning and we were there until the end. It was a really fun night for everyone involved, I think, and I’m so glad Amanda made me aware of it and let me have Milly for the night, especially because of what happened next…