We started the day off with a follow-up trip to the pediatrician. The boys are still doing great and have both put on some weight. Dr. Renton said we could start letting them tell us when they want to eat at night instead of automatically getting them up every three hours. (Spoiler alert: they still woke up around midnight and 3AM.)

A friend of Laura’s had a connection with a photographer who was looking for newborns for a photo shoot for Hot Pink Cake Stand. On top of that, she got us a bit of a credit to order some photos from the shoot. So the photographer, Jennifer Knotts, came out and spent a few hours photographing the boys in various ridiculously cute poses. She also took a few family shots with all of us. That was actually the condition under which Milly first got to hold both of her brothers at the same time. We’re looking forward to seeing the results.

My mom picked Milly up from school and spent a lot of time with her in the afternoon. She helped her with some math homework and they hung out in Milly’s room for a bit, chatting and watching Brain Games. She took her to dance too, and stopped to talk to Amanda for a little bit when she dropped Milly back off at her house.

We started a night routine with the boys tonight. We fed them, wiped their faces with warm cloths, swaddled them up and read them a few books. I picked Goodnight, Moon to be the first book I read to them. I was a little disappointed that the copy we have didn’t have a yellow page at the end of the book, because the larger, paper-page version I used to read to Milly had a yellow page at the end, so at the end of the book I’d turn the last page and instead of saying “The end,” I’d say, “Yellow page,” in closing. Not a big deal, of course, but it almost became automatic to say it. I also read Your First Word Will be Dada and Everything is Mama, both by Jimmy Fallon.

Duke lost by one point to Virginia Tech, which is the first game they’ve lost since the boys were born. It was very frustrating because they got up 15 points in the first half before the Hokies got it close and kept it close for a while. Then Duke stretched it back out to I think a nine-point lead, but then went about seven minutes where they didn’t make any buckets. A few turnovers, stupid shots, and a bad call or two later, Virginia Tech went ahead for the first time since very early in the game with about four seconds lost. Grayson Allen heaved up a very long shot and Marvin Bagley tipped it in, but the tip-in was after the buzzer.

This is a very frustrating Duke team this year. They’ve got so much talent, and the last few games they looked really good after being pretty shaky for a lot of the season, but that game shows they still don’t have it all together. Only one more game left in the regular season, and since the Tar Heels won the first round between the two rivals, I really hope Duke it able to bring it for Grayson’s final game in Cameron.