My 40th Birthday Weekend Part II: Gameday

If you don’t know, my mom makes the best pancakes. I’d asked her a few days ago if she’d make some for us, and she got everything she needed for them, but Saturday seemed to be the best day to do it, so she and Dad came over Saturday morning and she made us some pancakes.

Mom and Dad stuck around for a while. They had absolutely nothing planned. As Dad put it, they could leave right away or they could leave tonight; it didn’t really matter. The morning mostly consisted of everyone just hanging out. We watched some Cash Cab and an old episode of $25,000 Pyramid. Or maybe it was $20,000 Pyramid. I know it was both at different points in time. I remember watching it sometimes at my Mum Mum and Pup Pup’s house when I’d be home sick from school.


I asked my dad at one point when Kentucky was playing. He didn’t know- he usually DVRs games and watches them later if the Cats won or if it was a good game. It happened that the game had just started, so I found that and put it on. They were playing Florida, who was looking pretty good in the game. Mom and Dad ended up leaving around halftime. I don’t think Dad ended up watching the rest of the game- UK ended up losing by 13, but it wasn’t that close for most of the second half.

The rest of the day consisted mainly of us watching last day of the regular season basketball leading up to the only game I really cared about: the Duke-UNC rematch at Cameron.

For a long time, when Tristen talked to me about birthday weekend plans I told her the only thing I wanted to make sure to do was to watch this game. I told her on Thursday though that maybe we could go ahead and make Saturday night plans, if that would be easier for everyone else. The problem, you see, is that both Duke and Carolina were coming off losses. Duke, however, played not very well against a decent Virginia Tech, while the Heels played decently well but lost to a decent Miami. My fear was the Duke just wasn’t gelling, and if both teams played like they played in their losses, Carolina would beat Duke pretty handily. And if Duke was going to play like that after the Heels already beat them in their first match of the season, I just didn’t want to watch it.

As you know, we made our plans for last night anyway, and I couldn’t not watch a Duke-Carolina game. But I was right in my prediction of how the game would go. For the first half, at least. At the end of the first half Duke was on pace to score 50 points total for the game. It got better though when Duke remembered how to play (particularly Trevon Duval remembered how to drive and distribute), so they ended up winning by 10. If you haven’t already, you can check out the recap at the top of the page.

It was an exciting game, and once again Duke showed that they could be a national championship contender. Thing is, they have done this all season- get down by double digits in the second half then storm back for a win. Their luck ran out a few too many times, but now they’ve got a top 10 defense to go along with a potent (when it’s working) offense. If they can just play up to their potential every game, they’ll go far. I’m going to wait and see what happens with the ACC Tournament next week before I decide how I feel about the team.

Milly sort of watched the game with us. She fell asleep snuggled up to me at some point, covered in a new horse blanket my mom got for her. (A blanket with a horse on it, not a blanket made for horses.) When the game was almost over I was tapping excitedly on her leg that was stretched out across my lap and I even woke her up at the end to tell her Duke was about to win. When that child sleeps though, she sleeps. She didn’t remember any of that later on.

I credited the win to me drinking a couple Stella Artois Cidres. Tristen said she and the boys put in a special birthday request. Jason said it was all him. A guy on the Duke message board I frequent took credit because Duke was going on runs when he wasn’t watching, so he stopped watching. Whoever can claim credit for it, I’m thankful.

On the Fawkes and Phoenix front, the boys are getting a bit more restless at night. We were getting spoiled by how relatively easy they’d been at night so far, so I guess they had to mix it up a bit. They’re just making a bit more noise and waking up a bit earlier than the three-hour schedule they’ve been on. Could be a growth spurt.

On another note, which I’m only making note of to mark a change, Tristen decided to move our bottle and pump cleaning station from the guest bathroom to the kitchen.