Tristen pointed out this evening that it was the first day we were totally on our own with Fawkes and Phoenix. My mom was here all last week and we’ve had people come by pretty much every day. It wasn’t just the four of us the whole time, but we didn’t have anyone come over to help out with the babies or anything.

The first other person who was around for a bit was Milly. This was the first day we had the boys at home when I also had to take her to school. We got everything ready the night before- clothes, lunch, that sort of thing, so there really wasn’t much of an impact versus normal Mondays when I take her to school. The only real difference was that Milly went into our room to say goodbye to Tristen and her brothers. I got back to the house around 7:30 with plans to help feed the boys, but Tristen already had it taken care of.

I always enjoy my rides to school with Milly. Today we talked about how she had forgotten to brush her hair. I had put a hat on her head to keep her hair out of her face while she was eating breakfast, then she went to brush her teeth, but with the hat on, neither of us thought about her hair until we were on the way to school.

She made the observation that at her mom’s, her mom usually brushes her hair while she’s brushing her teeth. It was funny listening to Milly talk about her mornings there. No knock on anybody or how anyone does things by any means, but Milly’s just a funny kid. She made me laugh out loud once or twice in describing the things she does on school mornings at her mom’s house.

Milly’s really looking forward to doing a lot more with or for her brothers. She enjoyed holding them and wanted to feed them, but feeding is a bit tricky right now, especially when she hasn’t really gotten totally comfortable just holding them yet. I mean, one of them pooted really loud yesterday and Milly looked ready to jump off the couch. She did watch a few diaper changes this weekend, though I didn’t make her actually change any herself yet. I did ease her into it by getting her to throw away some dirty diapers.

The other visit we got was from Miles and Anabelle, two of Milly’s neighborhood friends. Miles’s mom, Rye, made dinner for us tonight and sent Miles to make the delivery. I’m guessing Anabelle was at the house or something. I invited them in for a second and Anabelle squealed about how cute the babies are. I didn’t let them hold or touch them though. Tristen is pretty protective about germs and all at the moment, which I can’t blame her for. There’s a pretty bad flu bug going around, and we’ve even made Milly wash her hands just about every time she held either of her brothers.

Work was pretty manageable today. I helped with a few feedings and changes just to do it, but Tristen took care of the boys on her own for the most part. Not that there’s much to watching them just yet.

Tristen started watching a block of The Office on Comdey Central or some channel the other day, which got her to watch the whole series on Netflix. She watched at least an entire season today. I mean, it’s cold outside and she’s not going anywhere out and about just yet, so it’s not like she had much else to do. I’ve been watching off and on with her. Last night we stopepd at the end of season seven I think, where Michael is leaving and Will Ferrell comes to replace him.

We think Phoenix might have reflux. He’s been more fussy lately and we thought it might be gas, but Tristen read a description of reflux and he checked off almost every sign.

Pumping has been kind of hard for Tristen lately. Well, the pumping hasn’t been hard- I think she’s producing 10 or 11 ounces every time she pumps. It’s painful though. The girls are super swollen and are so solid they feel like there might be rocks in them.

I forgot to do a shoutout for my brother-in-law, Johnny, over the last few days. The shower stall in the master bath doesn’t have great ventilation and very easily builds up mold and mildew, particularly in the area above the main part of the shower, which is just regular wall. Anyway, Johnny came by when we were in the hospital with the boys to add tile from the end of the existing tile to the ceiling. It’s a different kind of tile, and when Tristen picked it out I was very skeptical as to how it would look, but it looks great. Johnny finished it a few days ago (thought he said he still needs to do a silicon seal I think) and we took our first shower in it yesterday.