First Trip to an Ice Cream Shop

Up until recently I always got to Milly’s school really early and waited in the pick-up line to get her. When it’s just me, I can sit in the car and peruse the internet or play some games on my phone or whatever. In the future though, I’ll likely have a couple extra passengers, at least on the days their Aunt Torrie can’t watch them when I go to pick her up. Keeping two babies in the car for a while would be much less pleasant. To that end, I’ve started leaving the house later.

One reason I would try to get to the school early is that my previous car, the Steak (a Ford Escape) had an issue where it would cut off while stopped, so the stop-and-go traffic of waiting in line was a bit of a pain, versus being one of the first people in line so I didn’t have to do that. Anyway, I’ve got it timed pretty well now where I don’t have to park for about an hour and the line isn’t very annoying to get through.

Milly and I had a stowaway on the way home today. I had had the windows cracked but had put them back up by the time we were going down the road, but when we were about halfway home a very large bumblebee appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The thing was about the size of the top of my thumb. Milly started freaking out, but I just rolled the windows down and it got sucked out.

Back at the house, Laura had come over to help Tristen with the feeding that happened while I was gone. She had Sebastian with her, and he was pretty excited to see Milly. Laura gave Milly an Easter basket, which Sebastian was also excited about. She took off after a bit and Milly and Sebastian played outside a bit. They played hide and seek, drew with chalk, and blew bubbles (when Milly wasn’t opening them in the house and spilling most of the bottle on the couch). She’s so good with him, I can’t wait for her brothers to get a little bigger so she can play with them more.

After Torrie picked Sebastian up, our little family, which isn’t all that little anymore, went downtown. We were going to surprise Milly with a trip to the newly opened downtown Boombalatti’s Ice Cream. She’s been friends with the older daughter of the owners since preschool. Not that she was there or anything. Before that though we went to Islands for some tacos.

Fawkes and Phoenix were good the whole time. The car tends to put them to sleep and I don’t think they woke up at either place.

For the record, the boys didn’t actually get to try any of the ice cream yet.

Since I was already running behind in getting Milly back to Amanda’s Tristen and the boys rode with us there. It’s the first time they’ve been by Amanda’s, not that they got out to play or anything. Amanda hasn’t even seen them yet and I have no desire to shove them in her face or anything. It did make me wonder, though, what the boys will think of their sister living mostly somewhere else. I guess it’ll be the norm for them.

It was a pleasant evening.

We fed the boys and got them ready for bed as soon as we got home. Tristen has been worried about how much they tend to spit up after their later feedings at night and wanted to try to put them on more of an incline, so we got a second swinging bassinet thing from Torrie and moved the one we had in the living room to our room. When I walked into the living room it felt odd because there was so much space in front of the recliner. Of course it’s now a bit crowded in front of our bed. On the plus side, we could lie with our heads at the foot of the bed and hold a paci without having to get up. I’m sure I’ll do that at some point.

Phoenix was a bit fussy when we first put them down, but Tristen got him settled down pretty quick. Fawkes was something else, though. He had to be held for a while, then he had to be carried for a while, but he still kept fussing just a few minutes after being set down. He finally went down after I took a turn with him, but I didn’t do anything special- I think his tiredness just finally caught up with him.

We got a monogrammed diaper bag with burp cloths with the boys’ names embroidered on them from my Uncle Bernie yesterday. I tried calling him once things were calming down around here to thank him, but I didn’t get through to him, and Fawkes started shrieking before I could leave a message. (It was after that that he finally went to sleep.)