Nap Time for All. All But Me.


Pee Problems

I’ve been exceedingly unlucky with pee as of late. I can think of at least four times in the past 24 hours when I was changing a diaper and disaster struck.

The most recent incident was just a few minutes ago after the midnight feeding. Fawkes has eaten just fine, didn’t have much of a burp, but he was resting against my chest all nice and peaceful.

It was about time to go ahead and lay him back down. Tristen was changing Phoenix on her side of the bed so I decided to change Fawkes on mine. I put a cloth down, unzipped the bottom of his zippy sack, put a fresh diaper underneath him and opened up the one that was already on him. So far so good.

There was some poop, no biggie. But no sooner had I moved the poopy diaper, just as I was about to start wiping him, I saw a little stream shoot out. I thought I was able to catch a good bit of it, but it turned out that a good bit got on his onesie and the cloth I’d put down under him, not to mention the heretofore clean diaper.

So now I had to remove and replace the onesie, and thus bid farewell to a peaceful transition back to his own bed, since these boys are not fans of changing clothes. I also hate wasting diapers. I did the math once and figured out that a box of 108 diapers lasts us about a week, and we’re not yet ready to use the cloth diapers (though maybe we should revisit that soon for daytime at-home time), so I’m loathe to use more diapers than necessary.

Anyway? It’s just odd that I’ve had such a time with it lately. I can’t say 100% for certain, but I don’t think it’s one kid more than the other. Maybe I should start putting a small bowl over it.

In actual happenings of the day, Tristen took Fawkes and Phoenix by her work today. She was accompanying her sister on a visit there and took the opportunity to let the ladies at work meet the boys.

Torrie left Sebastian with me during that time. They walked from their house down the street and Bash tripped and skinned his knee a little in our driveway  when he cane in I took him to the bathroom, sat him on the counter and applied a Minions bandaid that he was very pleased with, At one point he saw a small cut I’d gotten on one of my knuckles, probably just incidentally having scraped my hand against something. It was tiny, barely a speck. He seemed genuinely concerned about it and asked if I wanted a “boo boo bandaid” too. I declined, but thanked him for his concern.

Poor kid scraped his knee again on the walk back home, I was told.

I tried to get Sebastian to watch some cartoon with the Avengers in it, but he wanted to watch The Boss Baby, so we ended up on that instead.

His favorite thing for play today was to take turns tickling each other. I’ve always found it difficult to do a sustained fake tickle laugh, so I’d let him tickle me for a few seconds then I’d tickle him. After s while if that we went to the fridge and spelled TICKLE with the letter magnets. The kid has an insane memory for things like that, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he spelled it out on the fridge again next time he’s over.

I got back yo work after Tristen and the boys got home and we gave them some bottles. We got a huge free case of Similac delivered today after Trusten sent something to them and mentioned having just had twins, so that was awesome. Tristen decided to start mixing an ounce in with the breast milk to try to stretch the supply out a little.

At one point I walked into the living room only to find everyone passed out. I was glad, particularly for Trusten, who often bills herself as someone incapable of napping. I would have loved to join in the group activity, but I had too much going on.

Since going live with The Sheep Game, I’ve had over 20 contestants join, which is pretty cool. If you’ve made it to reading this far, you should go check it out. Only takes a minute to sign up and a couple minutes to play. Check it out: