Here’s an exchange Tristen and I had this morning. We’re disgusting, so if you don’t like disgusting couples, don’t bother reading this.

I had told Tristen yesterday to remind me to drink some juice her mom had brought us in the morning. I was sitting at my desk already drinking it while she was in the kitchen getting ready to make some coffee when she said something to me about drinking the juice.

“That’s what I’m doing at this very moment,” I told her.

“You don’t even need me,” she lamented.

I got up, walked into the kitchen, turned her around from the Keurig by her waist and said, “You don’t ever get to say that.”

Then we kissed like we had just started dating and she murmured, “Always kiss m like that,” to which I consented. Then I smacked her on her tights-clad butt and said as I was walking back to my desk, “We’re so great.”

Just thought I’d share.