Did a little photoshoot at Nonny and Pappy’s today and snagged this picture of Tristen and her babies.

If you recall, I wrote in a post a few weeks ago where I mentioned that Sam and Berk brought some life-changing news with them. Well, it wasn’t their news they brought.

Tristen had been feeling really ill since we were in Rougemont while playing refugees from Hurricane Florence. I even asked her if she thought she might be pregnant, but she didn’t think so because it didn’t feel like it had last time. Besides that, we had to do IVF to get pregnant the last time, so getting pregnant wasn’t something we even thought about. Anyway, she figured she’d check and asked Sam to bring a pregnancy test with her when they came over to help us with some things.

She took one and it was inconclusive. The control line didn’t line up I think, although there was a faint double line.

I was up on the roof cleaning it off a bit when I heard a faint, “Babe.” I looked around and couldn’t see where it was coming from. It didn’t totally sound like Tristen, so after a second I started to go back about my business. I heard it again and realized it was coming from the bathroom window. That’s when Tristen told me the news.

When a man is on the roof probably isn’t the best time to tell him you’re pregnant, but I made it down without injuring myself. All she could say at first was, “I’m sorry.” See, she had talked about wanting to be pregnant again, but, at 40 years old, I figured I was good and didn’t really want to have more. She certainly wasn’t planning on having another one this soon anyway. But I told her not to apologize and that I was going to love this kid like I do all the rest of my kids.

And you know something? The more time had gone by, the more excited I am for it. This kid, whatever it is (everyone’s hoping for a girl, either for familial balance or so Laura and Craig can finally have a girl grandchild) is going to be so close in age to Fawkes and Phoenix (Irish triplets I said almost immediately) that they won’t really know any different other than just always being together. In fact, Tristen reckons the due date would put them exactly 15 months apart.

It’ll be a challenge, yes. And we’re not exactly sure what we’ll do about space in this house. But I know we’ll work it out.

Milly, for her part, isn’t thrilled. She isn’t upset, but I think twin brothers are enough for her. I told her that it would just be one more thing she and I have in common; that we’re both the oldest of four kids. (FOUR KIDS! What am I, my parents?)

The first trimester has so far kicked Tristen’s ass. She doesn’t have morning sickness, she has all-day sickness. She helps with the boys as best she can, but it’s a struggle for sure. I’m looking forward to when she’s feeling better and can enjoy being pregnant. She has said she loves how proud she is of what her body was doing when she was pregnant with Fawkes and Phoenix, so I want her to be able to revel in that again.

So, next Dotsey baby, know that while you were unexpected, we are looking forward to meeting you and loving you.