I have this really bad tendency to do something on Facebook, and that is to get into political discussions. There are a few Facebook friends, mostly people I knew in high school, that this happens with with, but it can also happen with strangers in the comments section of articles. I also tend to get long-winded. I write veritible books now and then, which sometimes get responses, usually get a few likes from like-minded people, but often go ignored.

To that end, I’ve decided I should preserve my efforts, which I’ll do here. Our first such entry is on this thread and in response to the following:

People like you are the very reason I am a Republican. You can’t disagree with someone unless you are calling them names. If someone disagrees with your politics you act like it is the end of the world and start calling them names. You both are just typical liberals who can’t stand it when someone disagrees with you so you get your friends together and bash them .I really feel sorry for you both…..

For the record, I had commented on this thread (about the presidential vacations and spending of President Obama versus President Trump), but this person wasn’t responding to other people, not me. Still, this is what I had to say :

You’re a Republican because a few liberals on Facebook called you names? That’s a pretty poor reason to be a Republican. You should at least be one because it’s the party of fiscal responsibility. Oh wait, no, they aren’t. They talk about it until they get in power, then they cut taxes for their rich friends and tell us that rich people will spend more because they’ve got more money in their pockets, despite the fact that it hasn’t happened time and time again.

Then maybe you should be a Republican because they’re the party of Christian values. Jesus liked to heal the sick, just like- oh wait, Republicans want to repeal healthcare laws, resulting in people losing health insurance.

Maybe because Jesus said to take care of the poor? Hmm, Republicans tend to favor cutting welfare.

Preached peace? No, Republicans tend to be more warmongerish and won’t pass popular and common sense gun regulations.

Because the Ten Commandments said not to lie? Well, the current Republican president has told more outright and demonstrable lies than any president ever.

Oh, homosexuality! Well, okay, the Bible kinda maybe sorta said some stuff on that, although Jesus didn’t have much to say about it, and never mind 1) loving your neighbor or 2) not being a bigot in the 21st century.

Abortion- that’s got to be it! Yes, despite the Republican party not being in line with the teachings of Jesus on pretty much every other subject, your faith tells you to be vehemently against abortion, because there are all those Bible passages in red where Jesus talked about abortion. Oh, there aren’t? Why not? I mean, abortion has been around since pretty much forever, so I’m sure Jesus was aware of it. So why didn’t he directly say anything about it?

Well then, maybe you’re a Republican because you don’t want those immigrants coming to take all those jobs from Americans. Well, those illegals y’all keep crying about take a lot of jobs… that Americans won’t do. I know our president has talked about bringing in more skilled immigrants which would… take jobs away from Americans. So it can’t be that either.

So maybe you really are a Republican because some liberals said some mean things. If that’s the case though, you haven’t had a discussion with the tons and tons of people like me who don’t resort to name calling, and you’re giving a pass to all the Republicans who call people who disagree with them libtards and snowflakes and cucks and NPCs and the like. So maybe that really is the reason, but if so it’s a hypocritical one.

Personally, I vote for people not out of spite to others, but based on issues that are important to me. I’ve seen how the economy does better with Democrats, like when we had a surplus under Clinton, which we could have used to start paying down the debt Republicans say is so important, but instead Bush gave money out to people and started costly wars. Or when Obama pulled us out of that mess Bush got us into.

Or, having done research, I’ve seen how universal healthcare has worked in almost every other country on this planet and compared it to our own system, where we pay more for worse outcomes and have people file bankruptcy because they get sick and can’t pay their bills.

I’m also in favor of people being able to make a living, not living a crazy lifestyle or anything, but at least being able to pay bills, put food on the table, and live in dignity if they work a full-time job. That’s what minimum wage was designed to be, but now people think it’s just for high school kids, which is simply not the case.

I won’t even get into the race stuff. I know not all Republicans are racist, yet there’s a reason most racists vote Republican. I wouldn’t want you to think that I’m calling you racist though, because I don’t know you and I have no idea how you treat people who are different from you, so I’m not going to cast aspersions and make assumptions. Most conservatives that I know personally are not racist.

I’m an independent voter, but I tend to vote for Democrats because they are the party that sems to want to use government to help the people of this country. If you’ve made it this far, I’ll say that this liberal voter doesn’t mind, and actually enjoys, getting into conversations with people who disagree with him. I take it as an opportunity to examine my views and back them up with research and facts. You’re welcome to discuss it all with me any time, and I won’t call you names.