The last time we did this, Milly went to sleep an only child and woke up with two little brothers.

Let’s back up a little first.

We got some extra Milly time this week, from Wednesday to Tuesday. Because of that, I told Amanda I was fine with her having Milly Tuesday afternoon (usually my evening) and I’m letting her get her next Wednesday afternoon (also usually my evening). It’s a bit of a change of pace in the mornings since I don’t live in Milly’s school district, which means I have to drop her off, but Fawkes and Phoenix have handled it well.

One really nice thing is that we didn’t have to rush through family dinner this week, which was a birthday commemoration of Tutu, Tristen’s grandmother, who died a few years ago. We usually go out to eat at Double Happiness, but this year we got takeout. I assumed that decision was due to having so many babies in the family now.

I’ve always gotten Milly up at 6:15 to get ready for school, but she did a great job getting ready on Wednesday so I decided to push it back to 6:30. I noticed that morning that Tristen had left her phone at the house, so I grabbed it and took it to her after dropping Milly off. It wasn’t exactly anywhere near the path between school and home, but I figured she’d appreciate seeing the babies, which she did.

She wasn’t feeling great that morning and hardly had a voice. She left work early, but not before she got checked out. She got a call later on and learned that she had the flu. I was in the room when she got the call and she started crying and apologizing after she hung up because she wasn’t going to be able to help me out. I told her it’s not like she chose to get the flu to get out of helping take care of all the kids. I told her she needed to rest, which is what she did for most of the rest of the day.

Laura was going to by Target and was going to pick up Tristen’s prescription and asked if I wanted her to grab anything, so she picked up a couple things. Fawkes and Phoenix had gone down late for their afternoon nap (a recently developing trend), and I was loath to cut the nap short to go pick Milly up, so I talked told Tristen I was going to leave them there and her mom, whom I expected to be there by the time they woke up or shortly after, was going to help out with them if they were up before I got back from getting Milly.

I started to feel like I might be a little sick and took the last of some Airborne I bought a while back then started using some off-brand Emergen-C, which I think has helped a lot. I’m typing this in the wee hours of Sunday morning and I felt fine on Saturday. My throat feels slightly thick and I’ve felt kind of dry, but some of that might be the weather. I was very tired this morning, but that’s probably because I stayed up late playing Spider-Man on the PlayStation.

I won that game in an eBay auction last week or the week before, by the way. I think that was the first auction I ever won on eBay. The game is normally $60 and I got it for $32 or so. I had bod on a few copies of that and Red Dead Redemption 2 as kind of a lark and wasn’t willing to pay much more than that for either game. I was surprised when I won it and had actually forgotten about the bid when I got the notice that I had won. It might have been because it was billed as the European version of the game, which I didn’t notice until I won, but I did a little research and found out that that didn’t matter. The only difference is that the text on the box isn’t in English.

It’s a fun game, by the way. It looks good and it’s fun swinging around New York. I have it on a medium level of difficulty and the fighting is pretty fun once you get the hang of it. It’s also fun unlocking different Spidey costumes. I don’t have a ton of time to play, but I sneak some in when I can.

Anyway, on to Friday.

Between taking care of Tristen and the boys, I wasn’t able to get a whole lot of work done. Torrie was going to keep the boys after their afternoon nap, but then Sebastian had a fever, so we all thought it best to not take them there. I took the boys with me to pick Milly up, but there were two poops and I ended up being just a moment late to the bus stop. I actually saw it leaving the neighborhood. Long story short, the bus driver had told Milly to stay on the bus, but I didn’t know that until I deduced which house one of her bus buddies lived in and asked her if Milly had been on the bus. For the record, we had a pre-determined plan in place for if I was ever late to the bus stop, but when the bus driver told Milly to stay on the bus, she complied.

I ended up driving to the school (just a mile or so down the road) to see whether I should wait there or what, and they told me to wait at the bus stop, that they’d probably swing back by after the route was done, which is indeed what happened. Of course, I didn’t know how long that would take (probably seemed longer than it actually was) and the boys were starting to get cranky.

Torrie came over to help out with the evening routine so Milly and I could get ready for the daddy-daughter dance at Port City Community Church. She helped with feeding, bathing, and putting them to bed. Milly and Tristen had a disagreement over weather-appropriate clothing. Milly wanted to wear a strappy summer dress (keep in mind that we’re going through a cold spell right now, with much of the country experiencing record low temperatures) with a little sweater. Tristen had bought Milly a dress, but Milly said it felt itchy. (I don’t know what her definition of itchy is, because the interior of the dress most certainly is not in any way itchy.) She ended up wearing a compromise outfit, but it wasn’t an easy process. She probably should have had some tights, but I think the ones that would have worked with her outfit were left at her mom’s house.

Everything was fine by the time Milly and I got in the car though. We ran into Matt, Penelope, and Adeline almost immediately. We also saw Greg with Callie and Brynn, Kevin and Maggie, and Reece with Emma Love. It was nice catching up with some of them a bit. Milly surprised me once again by choosing to spend most of the time dancing with me instead of running around with her packs of friends. That did change a little later in the night when she and Callie started “attacking” dance trains.

As I alluded to earlier, I couldn’t help but think about how last year when we did this event, we came home, Milly went to bed, and when she woke up she had two brothers. She also woke up in a different bed in a different house, since Torrie had taken her to her house and Johnny watched her (and Sebastian) while we went through bringing Fawkes and Phoenix into the world.

Matt had invited Milly to spend the night with his girls earlier in the day. They had left earlier, but he said to just bring her over when we were done, which ended up being about 9:00. They didn’t stay up too much later, but they got to hang out in the morning.

The original plan for the rest of the weekend was for me to pick Milly up around 11, then she’d play with the Swain kids (she told me the other day she hadn’t seen any of her neighborhood friends in a while and wanted to catch up with them), then she was going to spend the night with Sophie and hang out with her family most the next day. I wouldn’t normally let Milly have two sleepovers in a weekend, but I figured with Tristen having the flu, it wouldn’t be bad to minimize any potential exposure.

None of the above happened though.

I didn’t want to leave Tristen alone with the boys while they were awake (not that it mattered much- they wanted their mom a lot today and it was nearly impossible to keep them both away from her when she wasn’t in the bedroom), so Matt brought Milly back around 11:30. He told me she’d told him she wasn’t feeling great, which she reiterated when she came inside. I was in the middle of fixing lunch for the boys, so I also made her a bowl of ramen, which she picked at before heading back to her room to rest.

I wasn’t sure if she was sick or just tired out from the previous night, so I didn’t cancel the time with Sophie just yet. She spent some time watching Netflix, but she eventually turned the TV off and napped a bit. She was very slightly warm when her temperature was taken, but that may have been from being under the covers for a while. Still, she was sleeping again around 4:00 and looked somewhat out of sorts, so I did cancel the sleepover.

Tristen, as I said, had a hard time keeping away from the boys, just because they kept wanting her when she was around. On top of that, she has a hard time just not doing anything. When she got up from one nap, she started putting away the dishes. I was originally going to have Milly do that (it’s a common chore for her), but I didn’t even say anything to her about it when she got home, so I was going to do it after the Duke-St. John’s game. For whatever reason, Tristen felt she had to go ahead and do it right then, though. And later on, after I’d gotten the boys up from a nap, I had given them Cheerios in their snack cups. They had, despite the cover on the cups, gotten Cheerios all over the place. I had picked up the full Cheerios, but there were small pieces and crumbs that she felt she just had to sweep up, even though I told her that I was already planning to clean them up when the boys were totally done since I didn’t think it would make sense to clean up twice. Doesn’t matter that she’s pregnant and sick; she just has a hard time not doing things.

Duke won the game 91-61, by the way. They play St. John’s every year, and when they play at Cameron there’s always this talk about how St. John’s was the last non-conference opponent to win at Cameron. Of course, that was now 19 years ago. It’s bound to happen again at some point (during an ACC-Big 10 Challenge game, if I were to bet on it), but it certainly wasn’t happening today.

In other basketball news, Carolina got revenge against Louisville. The Cardinals beat the Heels a few weeks ago in what was the worst home loss at Carolina under Roy Williams. Carolina won by 10 at Lousiville, but the game wasn’t even that close as the Heels were up 16 or 17 points most of the game. NC State scored 24 points total in a loss, at home, to Virginia Tech. Pretty embarrassing. Kentucky played a tight game with Florida where the Wildcats trailed most of the game (that I was able to watch, anyway) by four points, but they ended up winning by nine.

Tristen and I were supposed to go out with friends this evening. Our friend Kat is in town from California and a bunch of us were getting together to hang out. We wouldn’t have stayed out too late, and Torrie was going to come watch the boys (and Milly if she was going to be here), but since Tristen is sick that didn’t happen. Tristen did insist I go for a bit though, and I took the boys with me so everyone could see them. We met up at Fat Tony’s with Sam and Berk, Janessa and Mackenzie, Dina, Em, and, of course, Kat. Jenna and Drew arrived before I left, too. I didn’t stay long, just basically made an appearance and ordered some takeout for me and Tris. It was kind of late for the boys, and they were a bit squirmy at times, but they were good with being passed around a bit, especially once we pulled out the Wubbanubs. We weren’t there long, but it was nice to see everybody.

They went down about 7:30. I checked on Milly, who had finished reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. She’s been coughing a good bit and I gave her some medicine a little bit ago.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. Sometimes we go watch it at Tristen’s parents’ house, but I’m thinking we’ll probably just stay here with all the plague going around.