There’s been a ton going on in the last week or so, so I’m just going to list things without a whole lot of detail, even though several of them are pretty big.

Last Thursday I received one a third of my belated birthday present, which was a new tattoo. My idea was to give my left arm to my kids. There was already a phoenix on my shoulder and upper arm, so I wanted to add a fox with a Guy Fawkes mask (because Fawkes’s name isn’t spelled Fox), a gryphon for our impending baby, and a snakeicorn for Milly. A what? A snakeicorn.

It’s a creature Milly made up that is a snake with a horn and wings. She was obsessed with it for a while and it’s very unique and speaks to her creativity. And since her name has nothing to do with any sort of animal, mythical or otherwise, I went with that. I could have done a bug, since I call her Bug or Millybug, but I’m getting most of my arm covered and I didn’t want a giant ladybug or something like that on it. That said, I did ask the artist, Drew Susi at Good Graces, to include a small ladybug on the snakeicorn.

Anyway, I got the Guy Fox done on Thursday afternoon. He left a space for the snakeicorn to wrap over part of it. I’ll be getting the gryphon done in July and the snakeicorn will fill in a bunch of the space.

On Friday I picked Milly up after school and took her to her friend Nour’s place for a sleepover. She’d been asking me about doing that pretty much every day I saw her for the last week or so. Nour’s mom said she really enjoyed having Milly over. I get that a lot, but I always enjoy hearing it.

Tristen got her hair done after work and joined her mom and sister for a fundraising soiree at Friends School. Not that we’ve got kids who go there or would be able to afford to send a kid there (much less three of them). They had fun, though. I stayed up really late working. I’ve been swamped with work lately.

On Saturday I got Milly and then transferred her to hang out with Penelope and Adeline. I let her have a sleepover there too, which I wouldn’t have done if it weren’t Spring Break week and I’d have her a little extra time beyond that. I know that as much as Milly loves her family, it’s usually more fun to hang out with friends. I feel like from the time I was in fourth grade on, I was either at a friend’s house nearly every weekend or I had a friend over.

Fawkes also took his first steps today! It was only two of three of them as he was reaching for a phoenix doll (the mythical bird, not his brother) that I was holding up. Couldn’t get video of it, unfortunately.

Matt dropped Milly off Sunday morning and we packed the family up to go to Airlie Gardens. We attempted to take some family pictures, but it didn’t go particularly well. It was just hard keeping the boys settled. I did let Milly play with my camera though, and she took some pretty decent shots. She’s suddenly very interested in photography.

After that we went to pick up some bundt cakes. Long story short, Tristen had some a coupon for this place, but we forgot the coupon, so we have to go back by there with it at some point so they can credit our card. They also thought her order was for Friday and didn’t have it ready when we got there. They’re crazy yummy though.

We had our baby shower (or sprinkle, as Tristen called it, because was it was intentionally a pretty small affair) at her parents’ house. It was also a porch party to celebrate Laura and Craig’s new front porch. It’s funny how much the people separated themselves, with most of our friends inside and most of Laura and Craig’s friends outside.

Erin and her (boy)friend(?) Daniel showed up there. Erin was the only family on my side that was able to make it down this time.

Blake and Leslie came over later on to watch the final season premiere of Game of Thrones.

Torrie watched the boys on Monday as she usually does. Milly had been wanting to do something with me, and she really wanted to see Shazam!, so Milly and I went to see Shazam!. It was a fun movie. I think they put a lot of the fun parts in the trailers though, so I was expecting a little more, but that’s not really a slam on the movie. I don’t think it puts DC movies on the same level as Marvel movies just yet, but it was nice for DC to realize that some superhero movies can just be fun. I say that when I’ve heard that Aquaman was a pretty fun movie too, but I haven’t watched it yet.

I started typing this on the morning of Wednesday, April 17 and was going to go up to the day before, possibly that morning, in this post, but that got interrupted and now I’m finishing it over a week later. That said, I’m going to save those days for the next post, which I’ll commence writing momentarily.