Milly slept until after 9:00 today, still recovering from her birthday sleepover party. That or she suddenly turned into a teenager at the age of 10. She usually wake sup much earlier. In fact, I’m pretty sure this is the latest she’s ever slept, and she might have slept longer if I hadn’t gone into her room and told her she was leaving in a couple hours.

Leaving meant going to a week-long overnight summer camp for the week. I wanted to take her to get a bite to eat before I saw her off, so we stopped at Sonic (her request) then headed over to Port City Community Church to drop her off. We checked in, dropped off the luggage, then she met up with Callie after getting to decorate the windows on the van they were going in. The two of them are wild together, and I don’t totally envy the people in the van with them.

I do hope she’ll take my advice and write in her journal every day, but I’m guessing she’ll be tired and spent and fall asleep pretty quick.

I tried to get some decent pictures of Milly and of Milly and Callie, but that damn dab! I know I might as well be growling “Get off my lawn!” but why do kids feel they must dab for pictures so much? I want to see your face!

By the time I got home, all three boys were awake. The first thing Tristen said to me was, “I don’t know how you’re going to do this.” This being take care of all three of our sons when she goes back to work. I honestly don’t either. We’ve got some help lined up from Torrie, and Tristen is looking into some other things, but it’s going to be tough until Fawkes and Phoenix can at least walk and entertain themselves a little better. They’re getting better at it, particularly over the last few days, so there’s that.

A few hours later we took Griffin to his two-month checkup. His older brothers did pretty well there, staying occupied by climbing on chairs and stools in our exam room. Griffin’s doing great though. He went from fourth percentile to I think around fortieth, so he’s developing well. I’ve been remarking that he seems bigger and bigger every day. It wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up being the biggest of all my kids.

Fawkes and Phoenix are developing a lot lately too. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard words from them, like yesterday when Phoenix held up a food tray and I think said something along the lines of “All done.” Torrie said a week or so ago she was almost certain Fawkes said “Freya,” the name of their dog. They’ve both gotten a lot better at sign language of late, and they’ll point to body parts when you ask them to, especially their bellies.

Fawkes can also walk now pretty much anytime he wants to, but he doesn’t really want to do it a lot. Phoenix will walk fine when you’re holding his hand, and he may have taken a step or two yesterday.

They both developed different ways of getting from point A to point B when something in their hand prevents them from crawling. Phoenix does a sort of tripod scoot while Fawkes will walk upright on both of his knees.

Tristen was very tired from taking care of Griffin last night and went to bed a little early. Babiest Baby woke up around 11:40 and I often take care of him for the first feeding. The routine is to warm up a bottle, go get him, change him, then feed him. I was following that routine tonight when I took his diaper off and remarked that he had hardly peed in it. Feeling the need to rectify this mistake, he proceeded to pee in the diaper, which was lying open under him, his pajamas, which were under the diaper, the blanket under the pajamas, and my left arm, which was situating his diaper.

He then had his bottle with three or four decent burps, but then he wouldn’t really settle down afterwards and started crying. Tristen came out and fed him a little more then took him back to the room. So far, he’s the momma’s boy of the bunch. The other two have pretty equal time with us, and have since birth since we always had to tag team them. Griffin, though, has been able to mostly be breastfed so far, and he’s with Tristen a lot more than he is with me, so I think they’re just more in tune with each other. We’ll see if that changes once she’s back to work.