A History of My Wedding Rings with Tristen

When we were going to get married I got two wedding rings off of Etsy. I mean, I don’t need a fancy, expensive ring or anything, and they had some cool ones on there for different prices.

I picked a copper one that had little diamondish patterns beat into it and another one with a design of leaves on it. I liked the latter and chose that one, but I kept the other too. And I didn’t put either on on my wedding day.

I hadn’t though to bring the ring, you see. By the time I realized this it was too late to go back to the house and get it, so I borrowed the one belonging to our officiant, who happened to be our good friend Berkley. So I got married with my friend’s wedding ring and of course had to give it back to him.

I wore the leaf one for a while, but then for reasons, I had to stop wearing it. Okay, my finger got fatter. I switched to the copper one, which was a little bigger and more comfortable, but it didn’t look very wedding ringish.

That was maybe a month or two ago and brings us to today.

Today was a very hard day. There was a lot of fussing and crying among the baby boys. We had just cleaned the house from a lice infestation. I wasn’t able to do much of any work and was feeling a bit stressed.

Tristen got the mail, which included some deliveries: cleaning supplies, one of those ring stacking toys for the babies. After she introduced that to them she told me she had a question. She looked like she was going to kiss me, which I figured made sense. She knew it had been a rough day and she was going to be leaving to go out with Torrie and Sam in just a bit, so I figured she just wanted to show me some appreciation.

I warned her about my breath. (The last thing I’d eaten was a slice of pizza.)

She came in, dropped down to her knee, presented me with a new ring, and asked me if I’d marry her again.

I took off my copper ring (and moved it to the pinky on the opposite hand, where it may or may not stay for a while) and she slipped my new ring on. It’s silver, this one, so it won’t turn my finger green I was told. It’s very much my kind of style, with smooth bands on the inside and a bit of a hard-to-describe bulkier pattern on the outside.

After she walked away, Tristen said I never answered her question. “Yes, always, any time,” I said. “Every day?” she asked. “Absolutely.”

Oh, and I did get that kiss, too.

I just wish she had set up her camera to record the moment or something, particularly so I could have posted a better picture.