Today marks seven months since Griffin Fin-Fin Fin Fang Foom entered our lives. The last month has seen a lot of development for him. He started holding his bottle himself a couple weeks ago, though he’s still got to be tilted back a bit. That’s been great because when I’ve got all three boys during the week it frees me up to keep the other two from climbing onto things or falling off things they’ve managed to climb on or keep them from murdering each other over stolen pacis.

Griffin started moving around a lot. It’s been kind of a sneaky thing. It started with rolling over, of course, but he didn’t even seem to be doing that very much, then one day you notice that he’s not over on his back on the double boppy anymore, but is now a third of the way across the room. It’s still kind of that way: You don’t really notice him scooting around, but suddenly he’s across the room reaching for a toy.

That’s a pretty new thing too, playing with toys more. I’ve noticed it more in the last few days, where he’s grabbing things and interacting with them more.

He’s not quite sitting up yet, but he can stay up for a couple seconds if you set him up. He can also hold himself up a bit when you stand him up against something.

By far, he is the worst sleeping baby of my brood. He usually wakes up around 12 or 1 at night then again around 3 or so. To be fair, we haven’t sleep trained him quite as well since we moved him into the same room with Fawkes and Phoenix. We’re afraid of letting him cry for as long as we would let the twins go for fear of him waking them up.

Last night, for example, he was awake around 11:something. I rocked him back to sleep, but he started fussing as soon as I put him back down, so I took him into the living room and sat in the recliner with him. He eventually fell asleep, but he woke up again around 5. Tristen got him that time. She usually gets him at the earlier time too and will nurse him (even though there’s nothing there any more, but it soothes him) then put him back in either the crib or the pack & play that’s still set up in our room. When he wakes up the second time, as he is wont to do, she’ll usually just keep him in bed with her.

He was up at 5:something this morning and wasn’t falling asleep. Tristen needed to use the ladies’ room so she handed him to me. I had him sort of across my stomach and he fell asleep until about 7:15.

Anyway, he’s a bad and spoiled sleeper, but it’s not totally his fault.

He eats whatever he can at this point. He’s got his first tooth coming in so he’s obviously not on solids yet, but he loves pouches and will put away some baby cereal. We were able to feed him some peas the other day.

He’s still the droolingest baby I’ve ever known. Part of that might be because of Wesley, which is what we named the bump on the inside of his lip. Tristen took him to a doctor on Friday to see about getting it removed. They’re going to try to get us in before the end of the year because we’ve already met our family deductible for the year. Having a baby will help accomplish that.

Griffin is an easy smile. He loves watching his brothers play. He isn’t stranger dangering yet, so he shows his dimples off to just about anyone who talks to him.

This wasn’t a super eventful weekend. The weather finally turned cold this past week and it was dreary and windy and rainy yesterday, so we didn’t go out anywhere aside from Tristen and Torrie picked their mom up from the airport. Nonnie just got back from a trip to Cozumel. I caught up on Watchmen while Tristen was out.

I did a lot of work yesterday, which was great because I got pretty caught up on a lot of things.

Ooh, I just remembered one more thing I was supposed to do. There’s no huge rush on it and it shouldn’t take but a few minutes. Maybe I’ll knock that out when I’m done with this.

Today I took Fawkes and Phoenix to a dessert… what do you call it, event? It was a thing at Waterline Brewing where a bunch of providers of sweets set up booths to sell their wares. I bought a few cupcakes, a cannoli, and a brownie. I spent a bit of time talking to Wes of Boombalatti’s fame. I got lots of comments on being out and about with twin babies.

Tristen stayed home to watch the Panthers get trounces by the Falcons. Also Griffin was sleeping and she didn’t really care about going out.

It was all in all a pretty low key weekend. Work. Babies. Football. Basketball (Duke played Friday night and beat Georgia State, though they hung with my Blue Devils for the first half before Trey Jones took over). Desserts.