Griffin had a bit of a fitful night, which means that Tristen had a fitful night. I didn’t get in bed until kind of late, so when I did get in bed I was pretty much dead to the world until exactly 6:00, which is when Fawkes and Phoenix started making noise. I went in their room to try to settle them down so we could all get a little bit more sleep, but that didn’t pan out and we headed to the playroom probably less than ten minutes later.

Fin Fin woke up too, but I let Tristen hand him off so she could go back to sleep for a little while. She was up again around 8:30 when I was starting to get breakfast ready.

Milly was also up around that time, coming out of her room while I was getting milk ready for the twins.

It was a fairly standard morning. Started out with some Stitch, but then we started watching Frozen. Fawkes and Phoenix watched it last week and seemed to like it. Fawkes asked for a redo on at least one of the songs. I think it was Love is an Open Door. But then we turned it off to  put the parade on.

I took a nap around 1 after all the boys went down. I had suggested we put Griffin in the pack & play in our room as Fawkes and Phoenix are very hit or miss with their naps lately. Everyone stayed down for a while though. I was working on my business website for a while prior to my nap and went down after I mentioned to Tristen that I could take a nap. She said if I was thinking it I should do it. I was pushing through to do the work, but her advice was good, so I snuck ninja-quiet into our room and fell asleep until Griffin started making noise a while later.

When I got up Tristen was feeding everyone lunch. I took a shower then we headed over to her parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner, getting there around 3:30. Torrie, Johnny, Sebastian, and Gabriel were already there.

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Laura recently had someone build a pirate ship style tree house in her backyard, so we all hung out back there for a bit. Actually, when we first got there Milly, Tristen, and Griffin went on to the back while I got Fawkes and Phoenix out of the van. Fawkes was out first and headed straight to the front door, which struck me as very cute.

Thanksgiving dinner was great, of course. The turkey was particularly good; very moist with a bit of a smokey taste. There wasn’t anything huge of note, though it was a nice time. Sebastian sang Turkey Dinner a few times.

We brought one of our baby table seats over and left it there. It’s like a highchair, but it hooks onto the table. I asked Tristen if we were going to get a Bumbo seat, as that’s what we’ve used as a booster seat at home lately, so we’ve had Griffin in one of the table seats, one of the twins in the other, and the other twin in a Bumbo in a chair. Tristen told me she had both of the twins sitting in regular chairs at lunch today, just having padded the seats a little, and they had done fine. That’s not surprising, since they’ve done decently well sitting at restaurant tables.

Fawkes and Phoenix ate a bit. Fawkes seemed to really like the turkey. Griffin has recently started eating solidish foods like puffs, so he had a good bit of those and sweet potatoes.

We came back and didn’t have much trouble getting everyone to sleep. Tristen, Milly, and I watched a bit of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban until Milly decided she was tired and wanted to go to bed around 9:30. I’ve been reading The Wind in the Willows to her now and then so she asked if I’d read to her some. I like that she still does it, so unless I’m really tired or it’s really late, I usually do. She was out pretty quick though, so I only read a few pages to her tonight.

And that was Griffin’s first Thanksgiving.

On a tragic note, I called my dad while we were on the way to Tristen’s parents’ house to wish my family a happy Thanksgiving. He made a little bit of small talk then told us that he had some sad news. They, along with the rest of my family, are in Gastonia for Thanksgiving. Ella, one of my parents’ small dogs, had gotten out of my sister’s house and was hit and killed by a car. Andra’s house is in a neighborhood, but it’s really close to a major road. I don’t know if she was killed in the neighborhood or on the bigger road, or if they saw it happen or found her, but my heart breaks for my mom in particular. We’ve lost plenty of dogs in the family over the years, but it’s never easy, and my mom is very close with her fur babies.