Guesstures was a lot of fun, as it tends to be. The teams, from random drawing, were Amanda and the Frazelles (sans Barry) with Earl and Jonathan. The other team was me, Michael, Sarah and Karen. We kicked their asses. Sarah and I both had rounds where each of our cards was scored.

Afterwards Amanda went to bed and Michael, Sarah and I played a bit of Xbox. We started out with Dead or Alive, a fighting game. I won quite a few rounds of it. Then we switched to a Star Wars shooter- can’t remember the title. Michael and I played that a while as Sarah napped on the couch.

Today we had the breakfast again then went out surfing. Actually, Michael and Sarah beat me to the boards, so I had to wait a few minutes for them to tire out. I went out, but I got tired pretty quickly too- the current was dragging us down the shore and it was hard to get past the breakers just to get back out and try again.

Phil brought the camcorder- yay! The day was mostly not very eventful though, so I got very little usable footage as opposed to last year.

Amy and Ben came by for a little bit. We played some Bocce ball then I tried to take Amy out surfing, but she got hit once in the head and decided not to anymore. Sarah went back out with me, but again it was really hard to get anywhere and the waves weren’t breaking much anyway. All that said, since yesterday afternoon, I’ve gotten up on the board plenty- it’s just a matter of catching something I can ride far enough to feel like it counts.

Phil pulled out the kite, and he and Amanda played with that a bit. I played a bit too, and did much better than the last time I tried. That last time was two years ago when I asked Amanda to marry me. I always think it’s really sweet when they pull out the kite because it’s usually just the two of them- kind of a father/daughter thing, and like I said, it makes me think of the time we got engaged- it was the last thing Amanda was doing before I asked her to go for a walk with me and I popped the question.

Dain murdered some more crabs for dinner tonight. The rest of us ate spaghetti. After that Amanda and I went with the Frazelles to get some ice cream then played some Mexican Train (Dominoes) with all the Frazelles, Karen, Jonathan and Matt. We played three or four rounds and lost players each time. Everyone else was watching the State game (which I just found up the ended up losing).

Michael and Sarah are sitting on the other bed in here. Sarah’s got class tomorrow morning at 8 and set her phone alarm for 4:45am. Ick.