It’s barely Thursday anymore.

When we got back from Topsail we took a walk, which we’ve been doing more again lately since it hasn’t been so damn hot and humid outside.

Sabrina got over Amanda leaving, and even said she understood. Amanda worked there all day yesterday, training Jessica’s replacement for the second half of the day. Today, her usual day off, she went in to Biltmark to learn a bit. She had lunch at Front Street Brewery with Chris. They have such good burgers there. Anyway, she’ll be working both jobs until her two weeks notice is up.

I was wanting to go surfing on Saturday, but there’s another hurricane, Ophelia, brewing, this one on the east coast of Florida, which may make things a bit tough for a newbie surfer like me. We’ll see how the weather goes.

I have a meeting with a potential client tomorrow. The pain of it is that the brake light isn’t working in the Altima, so we’ve effectively got one car. Amanda’s going to drop me off and then pick me up later in the day when she gets off. It sucks not having the freedom to move around, but we don’t have the money to spare at the moment to fix it. We will soon though; pay day’s coming up, and the paycheck at the end of the month will be a nice one for me.

As I type I’m watching something about the buildup to September 11. Hard to believe that was four years ago.

Lately during the day I’ve been either watching the news (the Katrina coverage seemed to actually have something new every few minutes) or the History Channel or History International, which I’ve enjoyed.

Something about the news- there’s been little mention of Natalee Holloway or how things are going in Iraq lately.

The whole Katrina thing has been very poorly managed thus far, and everyone’s pointing at everyone else. Republicans and Democrats blame each other (Republicans also standing for the Federal government, Democrats standing for the state government and below). The race card is being pulled a lot too right now, which I think is ridiculous. Either way, there seemed to be absolutely no planning, or no implementation of whatever plans there were. The head of FEMA said they were unaware of some of the issues, which anybody watching the news in the last few days would have known. I’ve even heard some good arguments about not completely rebuilding New Orleans. I wish I’d visited there before all this happened.

In other news, Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist died Saturday night. The guy they were going to have replace Sandra Day O’Conner, who was planning on retiring, may now get bumped up to Chief Justice- John Roberts is his name. He’s a young looking-guy too, so I’m thinking Bush is trying to leave a legacy. He’ll get to nominate two Supreme Court justices. I’m all for religion, but I hope things don’t get too far to the right because of this. I hope there will be people placed in power who use common sense. That’s what this country needs- more common sense. There’s too much listening to special interests and minorities (by which I don’t mean racial minorities) and everyone is afraid of offending small groups, but not worried about larger groups. At any rate, I read a little about Roberts and he seems to be like that. Maybe there’s hope yet for the US of A.

I should probably go to bed. I just don’t feel like it right now. I think I’ll at least finish watching this thing on 9-11 (which I never call it in speech- it’s always “September 11th” to me) and see if I can find something sweet to snack on. We need to get some groceries.