I ended up watching that show, it was called Inside 9/11, until about 2 or 2:30. I had thought, looking at the guide, that the show was coming on back-to-back (as often happens on cable channels), but it was actually a two-parter. I watched part of the second one, but ended up having to record most of it. Amanda and I watched it on Friday night.

On Friday, I got a call from a client who showed me that if you did an MSN search for their company, one of the links was a link to their own site, but that the description bad-mouthed the company, talking about how they let people’s policies lapse and specific agents didn’t know what they were doing. Looking into it, we figured out that it was an Overture pay-per-click ad that a disgruntled former client had taken out. Not sure about the legality of such a move, an it’s damn sure dirty, but it was certainly creative.

Yesterday was the four-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks. There’s less an less to-do about it every year, which I suppose is just as well. I mean, “never forget,” of course, but also let life go on. It wasn’t even mentioned at church. One of the things that bothers me a little about church is the lack of talk about specific current events sometimes. There was no mention of the Pope when he died, and I thought at least a mention in prayer was warranted. Eh, whatever.

We recorded a show, a recreation of flight 93, The Flight That Fought Back, which we started watching this morning. There were no commercials, and Amanda had planned on having enough time to watch it based on the idea of fast forwarding through those, but we stopped it at just the point when the passengers were going to rush the terrorists and I suppose we’ll finish watching it tonight. Watching all this stuff gets me emotional, just thinking of what those people went through, what I’d do in their place, having to tell my wife or family member that they were going to die or having to consider that what I was saying to them was going to be the last conversation we’d have. Terrible.

And of course yesterday there was a terror video warning by a guy, an American from California who converted to Islam and joined al Qaeda, who told L.A. and Australia to watch out. Horrible bastard, helping out people who would do something like any of the terror attacks in the last decade. You know, it’s one thing having terrorists who grow up in such a culture, but a person who could turn his back on his country, his culture and his people and endorse the slaughter of innocents, it’s just unconscionable.

Sometimes I think the only way to get rid of the problems over there would be to wage war like it was for thousands of years up to a couple hundreds of years ago- subjugate the people and break their will. They’d do no less to us given the chance, and it’s not like our approach to building a country is working too well in Iraq. I bet if you just went in with tactics more terrible than our enemies, we’d shut them up quick. But I couldn’t really endorse such an idea.


The hurricane I mentioned before that was sitting off the coast of Florida, Ophelia, snuck up here and is now hanging out next to South Carolina. It’s expected to hit somewhere between South Carolina and New Hampshire in the next couple days, most likely somewhere around here, probably the Outer Banks. It’s been going back and forth between a category one and a tropical storm, so it doesn’t look like it’ll be anything too major, really. Kind of excited about our first big storm since we’ve been here. I mean, I’m sure we’ll have all kinds of terrible hurricanes here in Wilmington in the course of our lives, but since this one’s not supposed to be anything too terrible, I think it’s a nice intro. The only thing that’s upset me so far is that it kept me from going surfing on Saturday. Hannah and Barry had gone out on Friday (or maybe it was Saturday morning) and in 40 minutes were dragged way on down the shore from where they started. Lots of undertow, extremely rough waves; not what my newbie ass needed.

Of course, as I write this, I’m watching something on the History Channel about Category 5 hurricanes. Apparently Camille was one that wasn’t supposed to be too bad and ended up being terrible.

Erin’s the only person who’s called to check on us so far. Twice, actually, she’s called.

Back to something about that terror warning. A few hours ago, Fox News (I switch back and forth between that and MSNBC usually) did a report on that and went to commercial. The first thing they said once they came back was that a large portion of L.A. was without power. It’s turned out to be pretty much nothing, but I know a lot of people had to have wondered pretty hard about that for a bit.

I got a call last night from a guy who wanted to interview me as a reference for Michael Wlodek, and the guy wanted to come here, from Raleigh, to talk to me. I told him that was fine, although I thought it a bit odd. He got here a few minutes after 11 today and Bruce, instead of barking at him like mad, actually liked him. Anyway, it was for some kind of government job that involves access to sensitive or confidential information. We chatted about video games for a few minutes, then he asked some questions about Michael, then we chatted about movies. The guy’s a huge film buff. He seemed a nice guy.

Amanda’s fixing dinner. Pasta and I think green beans. I’m actually a little hungry, which I’m often not.