We played Scrabble on Monday night, and I let slip a F-bomb that Amanda wasn’t too happy about. I had reason to be unhappy- I had a decent lead for the first time in many games and there was not much left to this game. I had, I thought quite cleverly, just added N to some word with O on it to spell NO, which I thought was going to render the middle left triple word score tiles unusable for either of us as well as sending Amanda a message. Well, she asked me if UNO was an acceptable word, and I figured as much use as it gets in the English language it was okay. What I didn’t plan on was her using it to go with a Q word (QUO or some such) and taking a commanding lead so late in the game.

It’s okay though; I won last night, and I beat her by around 50 points. I started with Z, got the Q, X and J later on. I wasn’t able to use the J, but I used all the rest with bonuses of one type or another. Although she did ruin a gamble of mine where I set up the ability to use ZEBRA on the next turn, which would have gotten me 60 points. She messed it up with TRY.

The power kept going on and off this morning. It’s been a little steadier lately, so I may actually be able to get some work done. The pain in the ass of it is that even though it only goes off for a minute, it takes the cable modem some time to boot back up. Ophelia is wearing down a lot of the beaches right now with wind and water. It’s just raining here and the gusts aren’t too terrible yet, but apparently it’s going to be worst around here at about 1:00 or so this afternoon.

Dad called yesterday morning to see what we were doing- staying or going, and of course said we could come to Rougemont if we felt we needed to get away. Mom called yesterday evening. She and Dad were getting ready to go to Virginia. They were going on a date, going out to eat and getting a lottery ticket. (The power just blinked again.) Anyway, she’s a bit frustrated about some things with her job and Dad’s reportedly a bit frustrated as well, having to put up with people’s complaints and people not showing up for jobs and the like. I think he and I have to put up with at least a few of the same things in our jobs.

Andra called this morning to see how we were. She was on her way to dropping Jackson off at daycare. She’s also a bit frustrated about her work- she’d been busting her ass at American Eagle to get noticed for a keyholder position (like what Amanda did at American Eagle) and the manager had told her that they’d give her the position when they got in a new assistant manager. Well, the regional guy brought in a new assistant manager, but he brought a new keyholder along as well, and Andra was pretty upset about it. She’s been working full time hours lately, too, but she hasn’t been officially made a full-time employee. She’ll be twenty soon. No more teenagers in my family at the end of this month.

She and Josh also put in a bid on a house, but they think they may have been outbid.

The power just blinked a couple times in the last minute, but it didn’t actually go out.

Amanda talked to Anna, and Anna said the wind was pretty bad out there. If it dies down enough, they’re going to go out and look for shells.

Aunt Robbie called just to make sure we were okay. There’ve been some mandatory evacuations for some of the beaches around here (and for UNCW as well) and she and Dad, when he called yesterday, wanted to know if it applied to us.

Karen called too. They’re mostly worried about flooding in Onslow County. Amanda (the front door just blew open a little, so I got up and locked the bolt) wanted me to make sure they’d let Sandy inside, and she’d been in since last night.

The cable just went out.

I brought the chairs in from outside the night before last. There’s dirt all over them, and apparently spiders as well. I’ve killed to so far that were making their homes somewhere between the chairs and either the kitchen counter or the ceiling fan in there. They were pretty; well-shaped, black spiders with a little bit of shiny red or green on them. I’d have taken pictures, but I didn’t want to lose them.

Amanda wants to play a game.