We stayed last night with Amanda’s grandparents, which was nice. Earl showed me some old pictures and coins and told me a bit about them. Today he let me play with a lathe in the shop to make some tops for some butterfly houses he was making for Karen’s friends. I think it looked cool, but it wasn’t as nice after he split it apart. I also realized that he’d been going with a certain theme for the design, which I totally didn’t follow.

Yesterday I wanted to drive the car to Beulaville, but Amanda wanted to be seen driving up in it. Earl took it for a little spin today, which was fine, but I was kind of mad at Amanda about it, since she ruined my chance to drive our new car before other people. It’s stupid, but I couldn’t help being miffed about it.

The Mercer family reunion was today. Michael was only able to stay for a little bit. Ona and Peter were there, but besides the immediate family and the two of them, none of us under 30 knew anybody else.

There was a little kid there who had Amanda’s big brown eyes. His hair looked a little like mine when I was younger too.