Amanda had a rough day of work today. When she got home the XM still wasn’t working after I had sat in the car for probably close to an hour waiting for the radio to activate. Amanda got on the horn talking to them and to VW and was just plain frustrated after her day. It just so happened that right after she got off the phone, a surveyor called asking about her experience with Volkswagen. She told them if they called back a little later they’d probably get a much better review. It’s not that there’s anything really wrong with the car, it’s just that she’s tired of things not working right in a week-old car. So I’m taking it in tomorrow and I guess they’re going to see if it’s a mechanical problem.

Michael came by and brought some BoJangles chicken. It ran right through me. He left a little later to meet Sarah at the Soapbox downtown. I suppose they’ll show back up here in a little while.

Small group was tonight. We played Apples to Apples, and I think everyone enjoyed it, plus it helped us get to know each other all a little better.