Well, I wasn’t as stressed today as I was yesterday.

After work we drove out to the VW place to see if they could figure out why we’re only getting the preview and emergency channels on our free three-month trial of XM radio, since XM said it hadn’t been activated (even though it had been working until Saturday). They tried something and told us to keep it on for the next twenty minutes. We were planning on eating at Buffalo Wild Wings, so we figured by the time we ordered the food and drive back across town to get home, we’d have our twenty minutes and then some. As it turned out, it took about the entire time to get our food. I called it in and showed up a couple minutes later, but then they never got around to calling my name when the food came up. Sure they were busy, but i was sitting right in front of them the entire time and I’d already paid, so they knew I was there, but nobody ever told me that the bag that had been sitting there for about ten minutes was mine.

You know, I can overlook the fact that they keep getting rid of my favorite food items, and we really like the food there and all, but their service leaves something to be desired. This time they were moderately busy, but there’ve been times when we had been kept waiting when they were doing nothing but standing around talking.