Hectically, stressfully busy day today. I had so much sales stuff to finish/follow up on that I had no time at all for doing updates. Fortunately I think I’ll be able to knock them out tomorrow. I’m beginning to see how Josh feels in his really busy times.

Adam and Renee came over tonight with Tsota. They actually came over so I could user my clippers on Adam’s hair, but they hung out for a bit and yelled at Tsota as she tried to knock things off of tables.

We introduced them to Wife Swap, which we decided to watch as we DVRed Surface. I’m still waiting for something to happen on that show. There was a major scene filmed downtown on tonight’s episode, very recognizable as Wilmington.

Jason decided to upstage us by getting an even newer car than we did. He got a 2006 Matrix. Here’s the picture, since I wanted to look it up anyway (as I wasn’t 100% on what it looked like). Not a bad-looking car, and I think it fits him.