Mom and Dad got some breakfast food after church. We had eggs, bacon, pancakes, milk, orange juice and chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

After breakfast we all pretty much just hung out outside. Mom got on a dog nail clipping binge after getting Bruce trimmed for us. The dogs played a bit- mostly Bruce and Emma chasing each other with Schatzi involving herself now and then and Corona jumping in from time to time as well, even though she’s about ten times bigger than the other dogs. I threw a golf ball for her to chase, and she seemed to really enjoy it.

I also helped Dad put some lattice up under the porch to keep the dogs from escaping out from the pool area.

After we left we stopped by Joanne and Pierre’s. They had painted the interior and exterior of the house. We ate some Bear Rock with Joanne and came on home to fold the mass of laundry we’ve accumulated. It wasn’t nearly as bad as we’ve been dreading.