We got up and ate breakfast at the Rougemont Diner with Dad, as Mom was out with the horses. Dad mentioned that someone he knows has a bunch of old Superman comics sitting in a shed. Terrible thing, keeping them in a shed.

Just before noon Amanda and I headed over the Jason’s. Joel called and said he wouldn’t be meeting us, so we took off to Greensboro for Annie and Rick’s baby shower. It was nice to see them and Elizabeth Nall. Also got to see Annie’s brother Connor and her parents (her dad I’d only met once before anyway) and Juan. Amanda and I talked for a while to a guy named Tim who works with Rick. He has hair like mine.

So it’s known, the presents we got them were books. We got Good Night Moon (which I wrote a little message in) as well as I Love You This Much, Hop On Pop and Are You My Mommy?.

Jason’s new car was nice.

When we got back we were going to go to a movie with my parents, but there wasn’t really anything we all wanted to see. Amanda still wants to see Elizabethtown, and even though we haven’t seen anything since War of the Worlds, despite all the good stuff out over the summer, that will, sadly but probably, b the next movie we see. We ended up going to Clarksville Station and I think all of us but Mom had filet mignon. It was nice.

Mom and Dad enjoyed the new car.