Amanda was really busy at work today, so I picked up a Subway sub for her and took it to work.

We went to Paul and Kim’s for small group tonight. They’ve got a cute house. Paul’s got his work cut out for him though, as much as they’re renovating, repainting, etc. We carved pumpkins, which was fun- Amanda designed one side and I did another, so we had two Jack-O-Lanterns in one. I can’t remember the last time I did that. Actually, the last time I do remember was when we were doing it in the driveway at the house on Newquay, so I was somewhere between five and ten years old.

We ate pizza there. Amanda had called Ben and asked if they wanted to chip in on one, but he said they’d pick something up on the way over. When Jessica found out that they could have had pizza instead of Jersey Mike’s and that he hadn’t even asked her, he was in trouble. They were sitting in these little fold-up cloth camp-looking chairs, and Jessica kept falling over. Okay so it was like twice, but it was still funny, because Ben just let her fall.

Anyway, Rob and Kristen didn’t come, which was a shame. They’d mentioned eating dinner with some friends and joining up later, but that didn’t happen. They tried calling our house at 7:30 according to caller ID. My cell phone’s been dead for the last few days, so they may have tried to call that.