I woke up at 7:00 to get in the shower and all, but then when I glanced at the cable box I realized the alarm clock was an hour off. Ah, sweet, sweet daylight savings time.

We went to church then went out to breakfast at IHOP with Ben and Jessica. I had some German crepes, which had a strong lemon taste to them. I liked it, but I think I like regular pancakes better.

After that Amanda and I went to every pet and party store in the area looking for a Batman outfit, or at least a cape, for Bruce. We didn’t find any, but we did pick up a little track jacket for Bruce. It actually ended up being a little small for him. I also picked up Civilization 4 while we were out, but it won’t run on my laptop and it’s having issues with the desktop. It said it didn’t meet the minimum requirements, but it does, and then some for the most part. The problem likely comes in part from all the crap I have on that machine. I really need to format the C drive and just start over.