Amanda was supposed to meet with her jewelry lady today to give her some prices and get a deposit, but despite Amanda leaving a voice message and calling back again she didn’t hear from her today. I’m trying not to just assign a flighty rich woman stereotype to her. We sort of waited around all day to hear from her though, so we wasted our day watching crappy Saturday television.

Adam asked to borrow a camera today, so I finally took it upon myself to find the charger for the P-10. It was sitting right out almost in the open in the corner of the dining room we’re using for extra storage. If there’s one thing this house lacks, it’s storage. And heating/air conditioning.

Amanda poured some bleach in the kitchen sink while trying to get a burn out of a long jacket I’d hung on a light a long time ago. It didn’t do anything for the jacket, but the stained-ass sink whitened up nicely. We’d tried bleaching it with water before, but I scrubbed them down with bleach and they looks so much better now. Those sinks have been horribly iron-stained since long before we got here.

We went out tonight with Paul and Kim. We went to Jimmie Romanelli’s, which was pretty good. We used the gift card I was given for doing the wedding a few weeks ago (which reminds me, I really need to put that on CD and give it to Susan). We had a good time with them. We invited Ben and Jessica too, but they’d been moving stuff into their new house and painting. Rob and Kristen are camping this weekend.