Guess how work was today. If you said “busy” then you’re spot on. A certain popular BC client called at 7:30 this morning. I heard the phone ring from the bedroom, and I knew instinctively who it was. The fact that I heard the voice message indicator go off just after reinforced the idea. Amanda, who was getting ready for work, came in a few minutes later and told me he’d called.

We went to Wally World tonight for some much needed supplies. We got dog food and people food, including Grape Nuts. That’s some good stuff. For dinner, Amanda put some honey and butter in a bowl of Grape Nuts and heated it up. It was yummy.

We also got a few bags of candy for Halloween. There is a good number of kids in the neighborhood, so we figured we’d stock up.

We started using the new ticketing/help desk system for work. I like it and I think with a few modifications it’ll be a great tool.