Last night was actually pretty nice. Amanda put on a movie and we just lay on the couch, all snuggled up. Actually, I fell asleep a few minutes into it, and since it was My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I wasn’t trying too hard to stay awake anyway. Apparently Amanda tried to get me to get up and go to bed, but I was on the couch until 5am. I had been dreaming about being in a small room in high school, and a teacher was about to give a lesson, but this kid next to me got up and starting talking obnoxiously and incessantly about something nobody cared about. When I woke up I realized the voice was the late night Home Shopping Network guy, which was on the tvs in the living room and the bedroom.

I flossed today. I talked to Mom last night (to thank her for my genetically healthy gums) and she said she and Dad both floss every day. It actually felt nice.

After we got up, we went to the Manhattan just before the bridge to Wrightsville and met Kristen and Rob out at the beach. We stayed out there for a bit. I took an old spring suit of Barry’s (which he told me I could keep!) and Rob’s board and tried to catch some waves. For the most part it was very flat. There ended up being a couple waves, but it was really crowded where I was. In fact, one guy practically surfed right over the board I was on. I ended up paddling back in because I was thinking we’d have to leave before long.

The beach looked a lot different; they’d brought in a bunch of sand. The area next to the Jetty was very long and shallow. Bruce even ended up going on in it a bit.

After the beach, Rob and Kristen came back to our house. We all freshened up and then headed out to Front Street Brewery, which was a bit of a disappointment. They chopped the menu way down (although they still had the Scottish Burger, which I like and got). Amy met us there, after finding her way. She was in town to go to a birthday party or some such.

After we ate, Ben and Jessica met us and we walked over to Water Street for the Ghost Walk. We got there right on time, but apparently it was already starting. Kristen and I looked around for a place to pay but couldn’t find one (we had cards, no cash), and since the tour was getting under way, the six of us (Amy went off to her party after dinner) just decided to tag along.

Ahh, the Ghost Walk. The first stop was a bar where a big fat lady used to choke unruly clientele and bite their ears off then spit them into a jar. Then there was an alley where a guy who’d been murdered and had his face bashed in sometimes appears. After that we went by a cemetery I’d never noticed on 3rd where a guy had been buried alive. At the cemetery Rob, Kristen and Amanda found a possum and amused themselves with that. I liked hearing the history, but it was a bit cheesy. After the cemetery part, we separated from the group, since we hadn’t paid anyway, and went to the Reel Cafe. Amanda and I got some dessert, Rob and Kristen got dessert, oysters and crab dip and Ben and Jessica got dinner.

After that we all headed back to the aforementioned bar. In the back they had a ping ping table, some arcade machines, a foosball table and an air hockey table. We had a blast hanging out. It was really the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and it was the closest feeling to going out with friends in college or when I was working with DS Max that I’ve had since way back then. It’s just too bad Paul and Kim couldn’t make it; they really missed out on a great time.