We got up early for church today, even though I realized last night that I wasn’t scheduled to help with them production. It actually felt a little odd sitting in the crowd. After church we ate at Bo Jangle’s with Ben and Jessica, talked about home improvements and furniture and other grown up things of that nature, and about how much fun we had the night before.

Amanda and I came on home and pretty much sat around most of the day. Rob and Kristen had thought about coming over (mainly to watch this past week’s episode of House, which we have on the DVR and Kristen missed), but since it was nice outside, they just went straight out to the beach. Amanda wasn’t feeling well, so we didn’t end up doing much of anything. Sundays are tending to be like that, but at least there was a good excuse this time.

I made three trips out today, one to get TP, one to get a Cherry Coke for Amanda (but it looked like the Coke truck hadn’t been to any stores right around here in a while because the Coke stocks were very depleted at the stores I checked with, so she ended up with a regular Coke) and a final time to pick up some Eggos and Aunt Jemima.

I talked to the grandparents today. Pup Pup seems to be doing fine and is taking a daytrip to the mountains, I think tomorrow, to go see the leaves. Baba and Pap sounded like they’re doing fine. Steve and the twins were there and the girls were playing Uno with Baba and Pap. I asked Pap if he still sang “Am I Blue” when he changes the color to blue, which he said he did. He was sounding stronger.

Adam came by after his reserves duty for a shower (his bathroom doesn’t have a showerhead and to borrow the little camera.