I got up early again today, but this time it was because Amanda couldn’t find her keys and was freaking out. She had to get up extra early and go on a bag run for work (extenuating circumstances) and was not only missing her car key (it’s $150 to replace) but her work key as well, and the last time she remembered having it was at Bo Jangle’s yesterday. We even called there to see if they might have been turned in. Amanda was convinced someone had taken the keys and wouldn’t listen when I told her they were sure to turn up. I ended up stepping on some jeans that she had thrown out of the hamper and I felt them in the pocket under my foot. She was so relieved.

You know, sometimes she really needs to relax. I mean, she was really freaking out. But, I will say there are times when I should probably be more concerned, so I guess we even each other out.

There wasn’t a whole lot else today. Work was busy, but not as hectic as it was all last week. I’ve been handing a lot of work off to Laurence Maultsby, and that’s really helped quite a bit. He does good work, and he’s fast at that. The new ticketing system is helping a lot too I think. It’s really helping organize things.

Amanda and I have decided that the only reason we’re watching Surface is for all the Wilmington references. Today they showed the gas station right by the bridge on Wrightsville. They even mentioned Wrightsville Beach (although the location didn’t look like any part of Wrightsville I’ve ever seen), Military Cutoff and Oleander (although again, unless it was at Hugh MacRea Park, I couldn’t think of any part of Oleander that matched the location on the show).