Not a whole lot went on today. I went to Port City Java, the one by Henry’s, to pick up my paycheck and talk to Scott for a little bit, then went off to the bank. I’d taken Bruce with me, and we’ve gotten to where we’ll let him walk outside when we’re going places. He’ll usually walk down the steps, pee on a bush then, if we’re heading to the car, he’ll come on over and jump in. He’s not as good about getting out though. Today he thought it’s be fun to go across the street after we got back and take a little walk. It was very cute, but I had to lead him back across the street. Once there he peed on a bush and went on inside.

For lunch, Amanda and I went to Rolly Polly’s, a place that serves wraps. It was good and not very expensive, so I can see us eating there some more in the future.

We finally took care of folding most of the laundry we’ve cleaned over the past couple weeks. It really didn’t take too long once we did it. It’s like the dishes- you let them go for just a little bit and they really pile up.

Oh, I was told yesterday that a friend’s sibling is going to have a baby. Since nobody’s supposed to know yet, I won’t mention who it is until after Thanksgiving. (As if anyone reads this website anyway.)

Banks is in town. Well, in the state. He’s in Greensboro. I’d like to get a chance to go up there to visit, but I’m not sure if I can. I miss seeing everyone from college.