Ben and Jessica came over last night and watched Batman Beyond with us. Actually, I fell asleep not too far into the movie like I knew I would.

We went out to Target today and picked things up for the needy children shoebox Christmas thing. We saw several other people there doing the same thing. One lady we saw so much she must have thought we were stalking her for ideas. She had her two young kids with her.

After that we went to the mall to look for a gift for Earl’s birthday. We decided on a book, but we’re just going to get it from Barnes & Noble since we have a discount card with them and we’re heading out that way tomorrow anyway.

After that we took the cars to the carwash, but of course it wasn’t as simple as all that. When we first got there the change machine wasn’t working, so we gathered up a bunch of quarters and headed back. The bay we drove up to had a messed up sprayer, and I’d already put in $2.00. Both cars look very nice now though. My car looks nicer than it has in a while, simply because it’s been vacuumed now for the first time in God- knows-when.

I’ve been having trouble playing games on my desktop for a while, but I downloaded a new adware program and that cleaned it up nicely.

Michael came over tonight and we went to Henry’s. Nice place. Tomorrow we plan on going to church, probably having something to eat with Ben and Jessica, then hanging out for a bit before heading over to Anna and Barry’s for Earl’s birthday.