I directed at church today. I made a little slip when at one point when one camera was a little too low, and I’m a stickler for headroom. I accidentally told the girl to “give him some head.” Oops- left off the “room”!

There was no breakfast with Ben and Jessica, because they were finalizing their move. Actually they had finished moving everything I think, but they were getting everything in order. Amanda, Michael and I did go to IHOP though, and I got a platter with the stuffed French toast, which was very good and tasted like a pastry.

Kirsten and Barry Frazelle on the Beach :: Zach DotseyWe went over to the Frazelles and went walking on the beach and I took some pictures. Anna finally started playing with her 20D. Barry had gotten her a very nice wide angle lens with image stabilization on it, but for some reason it wasn’t fitting on my 10D.

Bruce got fed up with Scout barking at him and chased him a little, which shut him up good. Scout was even hiding behind me and Amanda, and when Anna was in the room he babied up to her something terrible. Bruce was playing with him, doing the thing with his paws splayed out in front of him and all. It was quite entertaining.

There was a nice crowd; all four Frazelles, Peggy and Earl, Karen, Phil and Michael then Amanda and me. Earl and I sat on the porch for a while, just talking. I talked to him about all the changes in his life, and he talked about growing up when nobody really had cars, remembering their first radio, which was battery operated, the advent of tv and wondering whether, with the showy picture, it would ever actually catch on. He said the biggest change was post-World War II, when people had more disposable incomes, cars, tvs, all of that. He said the G.I. Bill was the best thing was the best program the government ever instituted and if it hadn’t been for that he’d have probably worked his whole life in textiles.

Dinner was salad and lasagna with blueberry cobbler and Anna’s chocolate cake for dessert. I told Barry I’d been flossing and was keeping on Amanda about doing it too. Barry said that for romantic moments, he and Anna would floss each other’s teeth (joking). I then told Amanda I Lemonses, Frazelles, Mercers and Dotseys :: Zach Dotseywas going to make her some clothes out of floss. Earl was just picking up on our conversation and said that he did all kinds of things with dental floss. Well, Amanda, Barry and I just rolled! As much as we were laughing, everyone else wanted to know what was so funny, so Barry had to explain it all. I guess Peggy didn’t get the implications with whatever we were saying about Earl using dental floss, but, ever the observant one, she said that whatever Earl did with the floss, he was doing it by himself. Well, we were all cracking up for a while with that one.

A 90-year-old secret has been revealed. Without getting into too much story, it turns out that Amanda’s grandma’s aunt was actually her oldest sister! Amanda’s great-grandmother (after whom she was named and a Horner to boot) had a daughter when she was sixteen that her parents raised as her sister. None of her actual siblings knew this until a few days ago. One thing this means is that Karen is no longer the oldest of that generation of grandchildren. It’s unclear as to whether or not Mildred (Hawkins) knew the truth about her origins or not, although it’s suspected that she did.