So I’ve gotten back into watching wrestling a bit lately. Not avidly, but since we don’t really watch much on Monday nights, I’ll tune in to Raw. I was surprised last night to see on that they had news under the sports section that a WWE wrestler had died, and that it was Eddie Guerrero. I saw him fight Chris Benoit one time when Kaylon and I were given some tickets to a house show at the RBC Center. We got there just in time to see that match, which was the last one of the night. (We had to wait a while to get our free tickets.) Whenever a wrestler dies they have tributes with people telling stories about the deceased between matches. I’m watching that now, and they’re always touching of course. You never think you’d see this big mean tough-guys letting loose and sobbing on camera.

Eddie was always entertaining.

Almost the entire first half of my day was taken up with getting a newsletter just right. I stayed pretty busy even after that, but I was able to quit right at 5:00. Sure I’ve got a few things lined up for tomorrow as a result, but I don’t think any of it was overly pressing.

The first Duke game of the season was tonight, and I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. The downside was that I was thinking it was against Boston College, but it was actually Boston University. Duke ended up winning by seventeen, but they struggled at the beginning, hardly hitting any baskets for the first few minutes. Fortunately the NIT shouldn’t be too tough and will help them get their stride. Coach K played freshman Josh McRoberts a lot, and he was impressive. Still has a lot to polish in my unprofessional opinion, but he did pretty well. Redick missed two free throws. Duke just wasn’t on their game, really, and if they play like that all season they’ll prove everyone who says they’re over-hyped right. But I have faith.