I actually went to bed early last night. Relatively, I mean. It was around 10 or so. I was nodding off during Desperate Housewives. (I’m actually starting to get burned out on some tv.) It was the first time in a long time I’d gone to bed the same time as Amanda (I just like staying up later) and it was nice.

Back to work. Things are getting much more easily organized, but it was still a mostly busy day. I went to a meeting tonight for the production crew at church. I enjoyed it- met some new people and found out that I’m being talked about. Nothing bad or anything, it’s just nice to know that I’m noticed is all. They’re thinking about starting up a producer role and I’m one of the people who’s been talked about for doing it. I also volunteered to help teach people directing and camera work. I don’t want to make it sound like it’s all about me and making a name for myself in church; I know all the lessons about that. It just feels good to be involved is all.