I had told Scott yesterday that I’d like to meet with him today, so I got to the PCJ around 10 and we talked for quite a while. I wanted to get an idea of his long term plans for the company and try to align what I’m doing with his philosophy. I also bounced some ideas off of him. I think he appreciated that I have an active interest in the business. I have such a great opportunity with Venuecom, and I want to make the most of it.

Amanda actually considered not eating at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. We decided that if anything struck her on the way there, we’d eat that instead. But she didn’t, so we didn’t. She did decide to get something besides wings tonight though. We ate there so we wouldn’t have to stay in our cold-ass house.

Last week at some point, or maybe the week before, Amanda gave me a large hair-band thing to pull half of my hair back. It’s been great for keeping hair out of my face. She got the idea from David Beckham.

We put up a bunch of clothes and packed up everything for tomorrow after watching Earl and Office.