I stayed up kinda late last night making a mixed CD for Barry’s birthday. I liked it enough that I made myself a copy. It had Franz Ferdinand, Flaming Lips, Secret Machines, Ben Fold Five, Old 97’s, Rhett Miller, Pavement, Ween, White Stripe and maybe some others.

I dropped Amanda off at work this morning so I could just pick her up and get us a head start in leaving town. I hadn’t taken a shower yet or anything, and I went out in my pajama pants, Rainbows and the new Duke hooded sweatshirt. Bruce and I dropped Amanda off and went back home, when I realized that I only had my car keys. So then Bruce and I had to go back to her work and I walked in with my hood pulled up (I hadn’t done anything with my hair yet either) wearing pajama pants and sandals in the November cold. The secretary was a little wary of me until I asked her to page Amanda and tell her that when her husband dropped her off this morning he didn’t have his house key.

I picked up my check (a pretty decent one!) from Scott. While I was waiting for him to cut it I was outside with his wife, Anne Marie, and his daughter, Addie. I pointed out Bruce so Anne Marie took Addie over to see him. As Bruce usually does with small kids, he started growling at her. Undaunted in her joy of seeing a small puppy, Addie did a perfect imitation of Bruce’s noise, starting off with a growl at the back of her throat and letting out a small yap at the end of it. It’s was really cute, but what really struck me was how she imitated him so well.

I got back just in time to work for a little bit and pack everything into the car and get to Amanda’s work right at 4:00. (She worked through lunch to leave a little early, but it turns out Chris was letting everyone go home at four anyway.) We made pretty good time to Richlands taking Martin Luther King to some back roads. We went to the house then left with Karen and Phil to go to Logan’s Steakhouse where we met Michael and Sarah. After that Michael went to Sarah’s and the rest of us went home where I watched the second half of Duke versus Drexel. I was surprised to see that Duke had only a small lead. Drexel stayed with Duke for a while and never wet away, but Duke ended up winning by 10 I think, to advance to the final round of the NIT. It’s funny to me that just last year, the NIT was the tournament for the teams that weren’t good enough to make it to the NCAA tournament. (The NCAA bought out the NIT.)

I played with Michael’s new Xbox 360. It’s pretty firggin’ sweet.