Michael had been so tired leaving his grandparents’ last night that he was going to have me drive his car until I remembered that I didn’t have my glasses and can’t see too well at night. Of course, I’d driven for years without glasses while I needed them, but these days I prefer to be more careful- especially in places where we’re going through lots of curvy roads like the short drive back to the Mercer house. Phil had left about an hour earlier because he had to get up for work the next day and he took Amanda’s car. Michael had intended to leave and go straight to Sarah’s house, but now he had to drop all of us off first. When we got back, Michael and Sarah got into an argument over the phone because he was tired and didn’t want to go over there. He said she could go over to his house, but she said she had family over. (Apparently Amanda and I don’t count.) It probably didn’t help much that Anna, Hannah, Kirsten (the other Frazelle girl), Karen and Amanda all were egging Michael on to stand up for himself more while at the Lemons’. Sarah’s a great girl, very nice, sweet and thoughtful. But she’s also very needy and jealous of Michael’s time. So yeah, they were arguing last night, but eventually Michael ended up staying and watching tv with me and Amanda. Actually, I slept on the couch while they watched tv.

So today we got up, took our time getting ready and left for Rougemont to see my parents at right about noon. I drove so Amanda could work on some knitting and we got there around 2:30. My brother Adam and his girlfriend Renee got there sometime later and later still my youngest sister Andra arrived with her boyfriend, Josh and their baby, Jackson. My dad had been out golfing and Erin, my sister who is living in St. Thomas, called right before he came in. Aunt Robbie and her pal Linda were already there when we got in too, but they’re staying with Pup Pup (my mom’s dad) and left around 5:00 or so.

We ended up ordering three pizzas and watching Duke play Memphis. Actually, before that there was a consolation game for the tournament between Drexel and UCLA. Drexel lost to some last second free throws. I was actually pulling for them this time, since they’d shown they were so scrappy. Anyway, Duke and Memphis came down to the last few seconds as well, and I think the biggest lead of the game was either seven or nine points, but Duke pulled it off. My dad was going against Duke, since they’re ranked higher than Kentucky and UK had lost a game earlier this week.

Jackson’s getting around really well now, crawling anyway. He can stand a little bit on his own and he can walk if you hold his hand.