Today was very nice. I woke up a bit early, and mostly just played with Jackson. By 10:00 Andra and Mom were out riding horses (my mom sold one and bought two more, so she’s up to four now), Adam and Renee went to look at fish stuff in Apex and Dad and Josh went golfing, so Amanda and I were watching Jackson. It was mostly fun. He got a little fussy but I got him to fall asleep on my shoulder then I put him in his crib.

Aunt Robbie got here I think around noon. The rest of the family trickled in, along with Aunt Reggie and her new boyfriend (?) Hank, Linda and Pup Pup (that’s our name for Mom’s dad) and then cousin Dave. (This reminds me, we got word yesterday that Jeff, David’s brother, Reggie’s younger son, had split from his wife Becky. Nobody’s really gotten much info at this point, but it seems they haven’t been happy in a while. They have three beautiful daughters plus Becky’s daughter from her first marriage, and I have no idea how it’ll all fall out.)

Anyway, the food was good and everyone had a nice time sitting around and chatting. Dad asked me to say the blessing, something he said he wanted to have as part of a new tradition. I guess he’s passing it on to the eldest of the next generation. I was a bit hesitant, but now I find it touching.

There was a lemon meringue mystery. Andra was really jonesing for some, but it was nowhere to be found. Everyone looked everywhere, and after it went on long enough to become a joke, it was found underneath the leftover turkey. Dad had accidentally put it under that, so of course some of it was squished.

People trickled on out until it was just my parents and their kids (and their extensions). We sort of got Jackson to say “Thank you,” which was really cool. Josh has been trying to teach him to share and he had handed me an empty plastic bottle, so I thanked him in a kind of lilting voice, and he imitated my tone. He did it a couple times, but when we turned on the video camera to get it, it took a while.

Amanda and I took on Josh and Andra at Outburst. We won the first round, they got the second and we beat them with the tie-breaker.

On a side note, I was talking to Jason yesterday, who said that he checked out this site from time to time and said it was pretty mind-numbing. So to any of you who happen to stumble across this looking for some deep insight, I’ll tell you it ain’t likely to happen. I bought this domain simply because it was open and I thought it’d be kinda nice to have. I didn’t really have any idea what to do with it, but I figure if I’ve got a site named after me, it might as well be about me, yeah? So to those of you looking for entertainment, I humbly ask your forgiveness. I’m pretty much using this so that anybody who wants to bother keeping up with me can do just that. And maybe I’ll figure out some more functionality in the future.