I just finished watching the second half of the UNC-Illinois game. I’ve been wanting to watch a Carolina game to see how they are this year, and this was a good one to watch. Hansbrough, one of the freshmen (which the whole team is practically made of) was pretty good. I’ll probably start to dislike him in the coming months. It was a tied game at the half, and despite a fourteen point Illinois lead with only a few minutes left in the game, Carolina scrapped their way back to within two before losing by four. They’re not as bad as I’d hoped they’d be this year.

Other than that, Amanda and I did the usual Tuesday night thang, except that Earl and Office were not shown because of a two-hour Biggest Loser finale. We picked up some wings, I napped a little, we caught up a little on our never-ceasing DVR list and watched House.

Having trouble with the XM radio again. It went out while Amanda was driving to work this morning. We had them reset it twice, but it’s still not working and nobody seems to know what the problem is.

We’re having small group at Paul and Kim’s tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it- it seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve seen everyone. Really I guess it has. We didn’t meet last week, the week before that Rob and Kristen couldn’t make it and the week before that was Paul and Kim’s anniversary.